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  1. whitehijab

    something to share...

    :salam2: i got this from my friend through email. i want to share it with my brothers and sisters. everythings happened is in Allah's will and He knows best. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
  2. whitehijab

    please help me to translate...

    :salam2: i'm sorry for posting in this thread even i don't understand Bosnian language :shymuslima1: but i really hope that any brothers or sisters can help me to translate the both poem below. i got this from someone on 1997 but never know the meaning till now :shymuslima1: hope that...
  3. whitehijab

    Eid Fitri or Eid Adha?

    :salam2: i would like to ask which of both Eid should we as Muslims celebrate the most? and how is the best way to celebrate both? :shymuslima1: i don't know whether its a good questions or not but i want to know... hope my English is right.