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  1. jebediah

    Salam Alaikum

    Waalaykum salam, welcome to the site. I'm new here too :)
  2. jebediah

    NEW2 the Site!

    welcome to the site
  3. jebediah

    Cheese pies

    I feel like I'm absolutely terrible at cooking
  4. jebediah

    Cheese pies

    I've tried to make fried rice once and it was terrible. I put wayy too much salt and ketchup on it
  5. jebediah

    Cheese pies

    I've always loved the idea of learning to cook but haven't actually gotten around to it for a variety of reasons
  6. jebediah

    Is it haraam to use a non-muslim judge ?

    It is ok to use a non-muslim judge. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) calls on muslims to respect christian judges and churches, and for no muslim to fight against their christian brother.
  7. jebediah

    Article The Prophet Never Forced Anyone to Enter Islam, Ibn Al Qayyim

    There are even authentically recorded incidents in which the Prophet advised some individuals not to accept Islam for a time being, due to their safety. In one instance, a person by the name of Amr bin Abasa Assulami came from a far distance to Mecca to embrace Islam. It was a time when Muslims...