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  1. Peace2u

    Mind blowing recitation Mashallah

    Salam alai kum bro & sis May I also take this opportunity to wish you all "Eid Mubarak" Enjoy the recitation. Peace2u s9TtcHcqurA&feature wWu5GPtUiek&feature=player_profilepage#t
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    Perfect Time for Supplications

    Perfect Time for Supplications ~ He fishes well who uses a golden hook ~ Latin Proverb “I called him several times but no one picked up the phone,” said a friend of mine one day when I asked him if he managed to get hold of an old friend. “Really? That's odd. What time did you call...
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    A scholar visiting China

    A scholar visiting China A Muslim scholar (sheikh) was on a visit to China to give a series of lectures to the local Muslim community. One day, he was Scheduled to give a lecture at a local hall and was about to take a taxi along with his companions to that location. They got into the taxi...
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    Five Minute Dawa Speech

    Salam alai kum If you live in a western society, such as Canada, America, England, and so on, be aware that some scholars have said that, for people living in these societies, da’wa is fard ‘ayn–an obligation on each and every Muslim. But don’t be scared–because the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و...
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    Zakat - the most neglected duty?

    Zakat - the most neglected duty? We all know that Islam is built on five pillars: 1. Shahadah – Declaration of Faith 2. Salah – Performing Prayers regularly 3. Zakah – Paying Charity 4. Sawm – Fasting during the month of...
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    Having Ease

    Having Ease Salam alai kum Just to point out this article is not my own but that of sister Shariffa Carlo who reverted to Islam, so Enjoy! When I was a Christian, I used to believe that my way of worship was the easiest, and that my Lord was the Most Merciful and Most Just...
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    A Tribute to Mothers

    A Tribute to Mothers Salam alai kum Those of you who still have your mothers with you, this is something to ponder and to witness as your life unfolds. Those of you who, no longer have your mothers with you, this may be something that sparks a memory for you. Those of you who...
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    It's never too late to embrace Islam

    Salam alai kum Unfortunately there are no English subtitles attached to this video. Mashallah shaykh Pierre Vogel Abu Hamza is doing a great job in Dawah work in Germany. A 91 year old man and 72 year old woman from Germany embrace Islam. J0J9ZInW-PY
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    From Windmills to Minarets

    How an Average Dutch Guy Became Muslim By Nourdeen Wildeman Nourdeen, the Dutch Muslim who found Allah when he wasn't even searching for Him. I usually don't do this. That is, I usually don't take this much time to tell anyone how I converted to Islam, or should I say, how I came back to...
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    Loons Interview

    Salam alai kum Loon formerly from Bad Boy Records embraced Islam and this is his latest interview on The Deen Show. Salam qhLWOXKlHys&eurl
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    Salam alai kum brothers and sisters Thought this might be of use to you all Inshallah.
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    Indias Monkey King

    Salam all, This post is Non-Islamic however thought I'd share this for a bit of humor. Jyoti Raju is a poor Indian laborer who was unable to make ends meet, but now he is one of the fittest and most skilled building climbers in the world. Instead of considering throwing himself off a...
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    The Sahaba's sacrifice in the path of Allah

    The Sahaba's sacrifice in the path of Allah Muslims today view the companions of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, the sahaba, as a generation of people who were very "religious". The sahaba are rightly viewed as the best generation of the ummah. We learn about their etiquettes and manners in...
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    Powerful Recitation, Yasir Ad-Dowsary | Touching & Emotional | Taraweeh 1428

    :salam2: Alhumdulilah! What a beautiful recitation! Mashallah he has an amazing voice! Enjoy!!
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    How To Prepare For Ramadaan

    Salam alai kum A lot of us yearn to prepare for Ramadan, but we have no idea how to start. Below are a few tips to insha’Allah help prepare our minds and hearts for this upcoming Month of Mercy. 1. Making the Intention Simple to do and has a powerful impact. Maybe you want to prepare...
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    Jewish prayer similar to ours

    Salam alai kum Here is an example of a Jewish daily prayer and you can see the similarities to the Islamic Salah. It's evident that we Muslim's have a common background to the Jewish faith however Zionism is trying to eradicate and destroy this background...
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    Nandos Chicken Is Pre-stunned, I wouldn't eat from the Nando's branches in the UK

    Asslamalaykum, A brother wrote to Nando's. Below is the reply that he got. Nando's pre-stun their chicken before slaughter. I would advise against eating in their restaurants in the UK. I have highlighted the part in bold that is of great concern. The e-mail below indicates a lot of...
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    Forgetting Allah = Forgetting Oneself

    :salam2: From among the punishments of sinful acts are that they cause the servant to forget himself. So, consequently when a person forgets his soul, he corrupts it, and then destroys it. If one would ask, “How does someone forget himself if he does forget? Which things does he...
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    Dua, Share your Favorite Dua Here

    Salam alai kum brothers & sisters, Members are welcome to share their favorite dua's here. Learn new dua's and let others learn. Please also remember to include the English translation for our Non Arabic speakers as well. My Favorite Dua is: Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil...
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    Sha`ban and Warming Up for Ramadan (Tell Us)

    Sha`ban and Warming Up for Ramadan (Tell Us) By Living Shari`ah Staff Image Now we are in Sha`ban. It is the last chance before the blessed month of Ramadan. Sha`ban is a significant month in the sense that it paves the way for Ramadan. Wise people work hard on various acts of worship...