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    Learn about Dajjal.

    The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal will declare itself to be the lord and make mankind accept it as such”-Bokhari. The Dajjal will claim to be lord, not the Creator. The claim of the Judeo-Christian civilization is identical to that of the Dajjal, since it holds no objection to the personal...
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    Idea of deen.

    Actual term & condition of whole Muslim is at first establish there faith, on the sovereignty of Allah. that means tawheed, don't share other rules with Allah. if we share & do it, we hate by Allah. there shouldn't have any guardian when we laying alone or on the earth. so, carefully handling...
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    Akeedah, the metter of eman.

    We bring a body & have a soul in our body. akeedah is soul of the religion of Islam. its our comprehensive concept about our believes. overall every olama person speak with in a point that without clear about akeedah don't have any value of eman. I accept there argument, because without...
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    Where is Muslim law.

    Hello community friends, In society There is no fully establish Muslim rules & regulation any where. so I want to know why it ?
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    Good luck everybody.

    I am new comer in your community. I'm student in modern science & technology.I want to know about Islam & Muslim. I feel proud about Muslim Past history.
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    Golden history of islam.

    Hello, everybody thanks, past of golden history of Muslim world was very interesting & brightness. we may upgrade that for known to everybody of newcomer in this society.