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    The Great Khalifah Umar ibn Abdul Aziz

    The Great Khalifah Umar ibn Abdul Aziz -------------------------------------------------- "...When the Khalifah died the Roman emperor is reported to have said: “I should not be the least...
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    THE TEARS OF RASULULLAH (S.A) Posted: May 20, 2007 12:17 AM Reply ...Suddenly, there was a person said salaam."May I come in?" he asked. >But Fatimah did not allow him enter the room."I'm sorry, my father is ill," >said Fatimah turned her body back and closed the door. She...
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    AIPAC Israel lobby documentary by dutch TV

    A " clear and Big Expose " by Dutch documentary shows how the Israeli lobby dominated US politics, and how they convinced the US to attack Iraq and other Agenda.
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    al Imam al Mufassir Syeikh Muhammad Mutawalli al Sya'rawi

    :salam2: can anybody translate what did this Iman says in english ?
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    new video

    :salam2: admin, any latest or new video coming in soon? sorry for this question.Thx! wasalam.
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    Anybody here from chechnya?

    :salam2: sorry for this thread, :SMILY288: just wanna know any latests news from our bro & sis there istead getting it from kavkaz and other related url etc.. :salah: wasalam.
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    CNN Today! Blitzer, Duke square off on 'Zionism' charges "

    :salam2: A must see from CNN ..!!! David Duke speak the thruth about what is happening politically in US today due to zionism Israel lobbyiest by both economically and politically...!!!!! "....CNN's Wolf Blitzer has a heated exchange with former KKK member David Duke about the...
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    why Arab League cannot unite among them?while our Mujahideen can United among them?

    :salam2: all there must be a concrete evidence on this question.:arabi1: while at the same time our Mujahideen fighter from Saudi Arabia-Iraq-Egypt-Palestine-chechnya-kashmir-Afganistan-Somalia-Lebanon-waziristan-etc.. can UNITED and have a link plus helping each other among...
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    Fact video of Beit Hanoun Massacre

    :salam2: "......the Fact of Beit Hanoun massacre done by israel laknatullah....." <.....A Must See...>
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    all don't forget our Zakat duty this year!

    have you all done our zakat duty for this year already? just as reminder 4 me and all here .:) i've done today paying my zakat fitrah (for myself only) after Zuhur jamaah prayer in mosque here in my country. i came early as the Amil(person in charge of collecting) is already waiting...
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    Who is Your Favorite Qur'anic Reciter?

    :salam2: all current fav Qari ranking according to islamicaweb recitation threads as per below. View Poll Results: Who is Your Favorite Qur'anic Reciter? Abdul Rahman Al Sudais 27 55.10% Abdul Basit 7 14.29% Mohammad Jibreel 7 14.29% Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajmy 8 16.33% but my fav Quran...
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    palestine childrens "shahid insyaallah"
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    Palestine children "shahid inshaalah"

    young palestinian childrens...innalilah..hiwainalilahhirajiuun...
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    Allah Miracle's "Allahu Akbar "

    assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatu.