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    Forget about the Math..Can you Do this?

    :salam2: Forget about the Math Question can you get a solution for this Question..... there are 6 people in one side of a river and only 1 small boat these 6 peaple are 3 fathers, Each father has one Son with him.. so they are 3 fathers and 3 sons they went to reach the other...
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    Math game i can tell you how....

    :salam2: Brothers and sisters i don't know if you ever heard this question: that someone can tell you how many brothers and sisters you have,, by using math? it is simple,, it is only 5 steps A,B,C,D,E...... A- write down the nubmer of your brothers Example: you have 4 brothers...
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    Powerful Quran Recitation.. The Crowd and Reciter begins Crying

    :salam2: Both the Reciter and Crowd begins crying. A must see! This video may make you cry. A very beuatiful recitation with English transilation... rKgNxeL8ZR4
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    :salam2: I would like to share with you this video A Religious Lecture by Sheikh Khalid Yasin in Sydney Australia, which proofs that God exists and Islam is the only right religion to follow........ and Jesus is Not a God or son of God..... It's awesome, Don't miss it..i hope you will watch...