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    Coping with the death of your beloved

    :salam2: Inalilahi-waina-Ilahi-raji'un. The passing of my uncle, brother, aunt, and specially my dear father, make me think a lot about death even though we should think of it more. The hadeethies and the Quran tells us. Every soul shall tast death. I have read this article in Aljumuah...
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    Passing Comfort..

    :salam2: {Now whatever you have been given is but a passing comfort for the life of this world, and that which Allah has is better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in Allah.} [Quran 42:36] Once the Caliph Haroon Rasheed asked a wise man for advice. The man...
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    Do not complain Be Thankful;

    :salam2: A reminder to myself and to you: As we complain we forget the blessings we have and that causes us to be unthankful. "We shall reward those who are thankful"[3:145]. "And Only a few of my servants are greatful"[34:13]. "If you are thankful I will give you more but if you are...
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    Is Yu'-Gi-Uh! Haram?

    :salam2: Is it haram? I mean does it have some haram staf or something that is not good for a child. I ask these question becouse I don't know nothing about it and my 9 year old is asking about it. By theway Yu'-Gi-Uh is one of the cartoons on t.v.
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    The disease of laziness and overcoming it

    I found this from a islamic website I hope someone can benefit from it. inshaAllah.The disease of laziness and overcoming it During the time of Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, an incident happened in which a man slept the entire night and he missed the Fajr prayer. Despite the...
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    It is Jumuah "Friday" Read surah Kahf!

    :salam2: Just a reminder. make du'a for me, after you read your Kahf. May Allah reward you all.
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    An Eye Operner..

    :salam2: I would like to shere this eye operner article I read, from Al-Jumah magazine. It realy did open my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't think of before. May Allah reward the sister who wrote it. By Jawaher Balousha In the Hands of a Stanger...
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    The Best Laid Plans

    :salam2: I read this article in an Al-Jumah Magazine By Nour Habib, I thought it would be good to share it with you InshaAllah. A few years ago, on the car ride home from flunking my driving test a third consecutive time, I sat brooding next to my father in the failure position...
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    Did you know this..?

    :salam2: A sister was talking to me about the Prophet:saw: Mosque how they build it and expanded it. It got to the point, the prophets' :saw: grave to be inside the masjid. :astag::astag: Am I mistaken or the prophet :saw: said the graves should not be inside the masjids. please corect me if...
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    Notable Quotes and Proverbes...

    :salam2: "Were I to possess the whole world, I would not hesitate to give it to ransom me from the horrors of the Judgment Day." -Omar Ibnul Khattab. InshaAllah anyone could post more Notable Quotes and proverbs. :wasalam:
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    Can women do the Adhaan (the call to prayer)

    :salam2: If the men in the house is not there can women do the Adhaan in her home? Is it sunnah for the women to do to the adhaan before each prayer in her home? please give the answer with daleel. JazakaAllah in advance.
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    Ad-Dukhan (The Smoke)

    :salam2: SubhanaAllah, I had a dream about the coming of Ad-Dukhan. With the way things are in this world these days I think Ad-Dukhan is going to come soon Wallahu-A'lam. Surah 44. Ayah ,10,11. 10: Then wait you for the Day when the sky will bring forth a visible smoke...
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    The Rewards and Benefits of Istighfar...

    :salam2: I have read The Following stroy I would like to share it with you InshaAllah. Imam Ahmed once in travel needed to sleep over in a masjid for a night, but when he was about to enter the masjid, the guard (not knowing who he was) denied him entrance. Ahmad's pleas to persuade the...
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    The First Caliph Of Islam

    I thought we should write some a hadeeths about Hazrat Abu Bakr (rc). Just like I read some threads about word games I thought this might add to some knowledge inshaAllah. Abu Bakr was the firt man who embrased Islam. he was also known the tittle " A Siddiq" ( The Truth) and "Atiq" (the...
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    An advise to my Brothers and Sisters in Islam

    :salam2: First,This is to myself and family and to you. My advise to you is to read and remember and act upon Suratul Luqman. The advise Luqman gave (the one Allah gave the Al-Hikmah) to his son. Please read, remember and act upon it inshaAllah.
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    Your advise is needed.

    :salam2: Let me tell you a little about this story before my qoustion. A friend of mine who I met through someone 7 years ago. she is very nice and good person in any other ways but most of her talk include backbiting Walahi I hate it I try to stop or say have patient or try to forgive...
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    Hanging Pictures

    :salam2: Can someone please give me some quranic and a hadeeth telling us not to hang our pictures on the walls. is it Haram or disliked in Islam to hang pictures on the walls?
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    Best Of Books

    :salam2: I have read this on a weekly paper I thought it is good information to share inshaallah. Best of Books The Qur'an is the best books given to mankind, In it, guidance is what you'll find, Read is clear, read it loud, or whisper in your mind, Oh yes, the Qur'an is the...
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    Recommendation of Books

    :salam2: The first book would be the Kitaab of Allah (Qur'an). it is very important for us to read it day and night even if it 5 minute. I love to read I hope some of you who are readers like me would recommend some books you like to read or read. these are some of the Islamic books I...
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    beef and barley soup

    :salam2: I love barley, it helps me to lose the fat and helps my digest system. here is how you can make it. Beef Barley Soup Serves: 8 Vegetables, barley, and beef make this soup a full meal in itself. INGREDIENTS 4 cups water 2 beef bullion cubes 1 medium potato, cubed 1...