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    doing a project..need advice

    selaam. uhh I need help. I have to do a project due for school about post-world world 2 events(in other words the cold war till the present.) I chose the palestinian-- israeli conflict and I think Im planning to do a Powerpoint presentation. uhhhh..if anyone here with more knwoledge then...
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    Please read: article about Gaza

    selaam please read this brothers and sisters. I know some of us(like me for example) can get lazy when we see lengthy articles but please read anyways. may Allaah(subhanahu wa ta'ala) deliver the palsetinians from their suffering amin. from MSn FOR ONE GAZAN, THERE IS ‘NO HOPE AZA...
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    don't forget a name

    Don't forget a name lost and forgotten, a name like a jewel barried in sand lost and engulfed A name whom only the oceans of stars can remember a name like hidden gold in an botomless sea erased from memory and tongue of man, Al Anadalus She was called, Once a land by whom...
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    Howto be a better son????

    es-selaamu aleykum I am 17 years old and still live at homer. As an obligation from Allaah Most Exalted we are supposed to be good to our parents.... since theres alot of older people on this website.. what would you like your son to do? and wHAT would make you proud of your son? thank you...
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    qu'ran translated interperatation in hebrew????????

    Glory is to Allaah The creator, and peace be upun the messenger is there a translated interperatation of the holy quran in hebrew? i dont think there is,, but i think its very important that there should be one. It is translated in almost every other language. Muslims and jews have so much in...
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    another stupid question, but still curious?

    All praise be to Allaah(swt) The Exalted Creator of the Universe and peace be upon his messenger Muhammed(saws) I ask almighty Allaah(swt) to bid us refuge from the evil within us and from without us uhhh im kinda scared to ask this question but here goes anyway....... please dont get mad...
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    stupid question maybe but still curious

    All prasie be to Allaah(swt) Creator of the Heavens and Earth , The Unrivable , The Supreme in Glory and peace be to His messenger Muhammed(saws) uhhhhhh...:SMILY82: stupid question maybe but what religion was muhammed(pbuh) before he was visited by the angel Gabriel(a.s.) and before his...
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    shi'a and sunni

    All prasie be to Allaah(swt), The Creator, Most Mighty and peace be to his Last messenger muhammed I pray to Allaah(swt) he will one day unite the sects of islaam into 1 ummah and bring together both shi'as and sunni into harmony I pray He bids us refuge from the evil within ourselves and the...
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    muslim and jewish children documentary

    cool documentary about isreali and palestinian kids what they think of the conflict WCxj9952vTc JUaKZtrfnCU YHHOnj824ZM jczMISs3Hb 52e6MIGV5v8& V0zxJHe_amk GqRpao_1sUQ ksT0ME57rxw Qk_HpPTpGUc p8HugJ-zbxc TLiV-iPxDw0 o1n0UTs2YiQ vSCiLVttkX4 Ua6zny-HUOg pPNkcTjAHF 9mMkJjP3Wkc
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    a croatian/jewish convert

    salaamu aleykum my name is paul. i am 17 and I from edmonton Alberta Two years ago I surrendered in Islam ...all prasie due to Allah(swt) it has been very difficult with a Christian family to practise Islam especially during ramadhaan, but elhamdulilah i have managed...... All prasie be...