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  1. Andreevici


    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakhatu, First at all, please accept my apologizes if I'm not posting in the right section. I'm quite new on this forum (regarding the activity), so please don't be harsh with me. :) Second, my dear brothers and sisters, I would like to as you for some...
  2. Andreevici

    Nasheed help

    Assalamu aleikum, Can someone help me and tell me what's the name of the nashed from the beginging of this video?
  3. Andreevici

    Shar'ia on Quran

    A'salamu aleikum I have a question, if someone can help me... Is the Sharia law mentioned in the Quran or integrated in it? Thank you
  4. Andreevici


    Ma poate informa si pe mine un pic despre sufism, am citit un articol despre Cecenia, din care am aflat ca tipul de islam imbratisat de ceceni a fost sufismul... Imi cer scuze daca am postat in rubrica gresita.. Multumesc