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    Dear brothers & Sisters

    Dear brothers & Sisters FATWA Saudi council of Muftis have given an unanimous Fatwa that ring tones on QURAN AAYAT S are haraam because the AAYAT are not complete when we pick the phone & meanings of AAYAT S changes when they are not complete. QURAN E PAK is for Hidayat not for ring tones...
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    Islamic Poem: Pls read.

    Death Bed It was early in the morning at four, When death knocked upon a bedroom door, Who is there? The sleeping one cried. I'm Malakul Mawt, let me inside. At once, the man began to shiver, As one sweating in deadly fever...
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    find out what is there huh............

    inshaallah you will learn something new and ask your friend this questions :ma::hearts: 1. What nullifies Hajj and cannot be compensated like all other is… Sexual Intercourse (Correct) Wearing Sewn Clothes Using Perfume 2. The Caliph who was the first person to light candles in...
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    QUESTION and Answer OF prophet mohamed (S.A.W)

    hope you will learn something new inshaallah. Everyone enjoys games and quizzes. Here is a collections of Quiz questions & answers that you could ask to others, as a game, or play yourself and learn something new! ;-) Q.1 : When was Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam born? A.1...
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    cute poem!

    dear, brothers and sister i hope you like this cute poem which is :hearts: ALLAH IS MY LORD ISLAM is my LIFE QURAN IS MY way THE...
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    introduce myself

    i am Muslim lady born in Muslim country allamdulillah and i am there to learn more about Islam, so far i learn, a lot such as step by step salah allahmulillah and many more. and i live in the USA