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  1. warda A

    who are they

    :salam2: I hope everyone is well in health & eeman can some one tell me on who these are: Kibaar Qutubiyyah? I was thinking it was those following sayyid qutb who some sheikh say he is an innovator. Is it true. I have read a number of his books any imput will be greatly apprecited...
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    Muhammed rasoulallah

    :salam2: This is a good powerpoint easy understand and simple about the life of Mohammed rasoulallah :wasalam:
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    Who will save Israel from itself?

    :salam2: This definitely describes it so well. Who will save Israel from itself? By Mark LeVine The Israeli government's justifications for the war are being scrutinised [GALLO/GETTY] One by one...
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    Are yuou ready for islam?

    :salam2: :wasalam:
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    In the US, Gaza is a different war

    :salam2: No wonder most Americans do not understand a thing! Some of the comments made by people just made me angry,what is wrong with people? In the US, Gaza is a different war By Habib Battah The...
  6. warda A

    Gaza Diary

    :salam2: When people say Israel is defending themselves, i really wonder what they know and how narrow minded they could be, imagine the USA claiming it is defending themselves aganist a 3 rd world country, it is plainly ludicrous. take a look at these and the comments are at times...
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    Officer cites abusive US interrogations in Iraq

    :salam2: PAMELA HESS, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - The Iraqi prisoner had valuable intelligence, U.S. special forces believed, and they desperately wanted it. They demanded that expert American military trainers teach them the same types of abusive interrogation techniques that...
  8. warda A

    The Battle of Badr -17th ramadan

    :salam2: Battle was fought during ramadan , infact today the 17th of ramadan, maybe we should make dua for all who fought there and hope we could attain such standards and remind ourselves of the hardships that our predessesors went through, especially during ramadan. When i got this in my...
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    2 moons today-planet mars

    :salam2: today is 27 of august we will be able to see mars with the naked eye inshalla i will be able to see that 27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for......... .... Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the...
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    ramadan kareem to all my family

    :salam2: This Ramadan i hope and pray that we get all the rewards and always keep our tongues in dhikr. :wasalam:
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    Twenty Tips for Lowering the Gaze

    :salam2: i suppose this could go both ways? :wasalam: Twenty Tips for Lowering the Gaze Question of Fatwa My problem is that I cannot stop looking at women. Please give me some advice because I want to overcome this problem. Name of Mufti: Sheikh Muhammad Saleh...
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    70 matters related to fasting

    :salam2: this is another link on fasting :wasalam:
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    night prayer during ramadhan

    :salam2: Ramadhan the blessed month is just around the corner, what do you plan to do? have you prepared for it? inshalla this ramadhan finds us all in good health and emaan. below is explanation of night prayer (taraweeh) this is the link it is quite lengthy but it is worth it (...
  14. warda A

    Isra and Miraj

    :salam2: I got this from an islamic website and thought it a good idea to share org "Glorified be He Who carried His servant by night from the Inviolable Place of Worship to the Far Distant Place of Worship, the neighborhood whereof We have blessed, that We might show...
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    i cannot believe this

    :salam2: i cannot believe someone saying violent teenagers to be sent to iraq, are they fighting a war or sending criminals to go fight. i am really angry A church service will be held for knife victim Shakilus Townsend. Shakilus Townsend died after he was stabbed and beaten with a baseball...
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    ElBaradei warns against strike on Iran

    :salam2: with recent events happening in the world today, it is really a scary prospect. people are waging war you would think they are playing computer games. this is really happening, are we not tired of all wars that are still going on? take a look at what this guy says and i agree with...
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    WORLD'S EASIEST QUIZ, do not cheat

    :salam2: This is really weird do not cheat and look Take a pen and paper MU members do not give answers. hehehhe(i decided to post it here too, coz am part of this big family) WORLD'S EASIEST QUIZ (Passing requires 4 correct answers) NO CHEATING! 1. How long did the Hundred...
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    :salam2: I always ask my self this question ,why why is it that Islam and muslims are always attacked daily by nonmuslims, mostly christians even though i have seen hindus do the same to the extent of them burning the Quran ? We muslims have not attached the bible nor have we said anything...
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    US chain drops 'terror scarf' ad

    :salam2: Now if this is not misconception of islam or is it islamphobia? What has that scarf got to do with anything? Almost all arabs wear that kind of material in those colors but looks like the media has given it another name (terror scarf) i...
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    Sderot and Gaza

    :salam2: I found this quite interesting am wondering whether it has been edited by BBC? :wasalam: