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  1. Miss_Ayub

    Just a little note

    salaam everyone how are you all? hope everyone is ok inshallah thats all i really came on to say and i wanted to ask if you would pray for me, i have exams very soon [as i'm sure many of you do].. i am have been revising but for some reason i feel like i'm going to fail :( but i've...
  2. Miss_Ayub


    Salaam you know in the inbox i have only 50 messages allowed.. how does that number increase? is it with the number of posts i make? if it is.. how many do i need? jazakAllah in advance for anyone who replies and helps! :hijabi: Wasalaam Nafeesa x
  3. Miss_Ayub

    signature.. ?

    Salaam I hope everyone is ok.. i just wanted to know that the signature that we can have does it have to be islamic.. i mean can it be something other than a quranic ayat or hadeeth? thank you in advance for anyone who replies and helps :hijabi: Wasalaam Nafeesa x
  4. Miss_Ayub

    Editing messages

    Salaam is there anyway you can edit your message once you've posted it.. i often make mistakes and only realise afterwards.. i'm new so i'm not sure if there is a way to this or not Thank you in advance to anyone who helps Wassalam
  5. Miss_Ayub

    Salaam everyone

    Salaam to all my brothers and sisters I'm nafeesa and i've just joined, i'm finding my way round.. its very interesting and very informative! :ma: well, hope to talk to you all! :shake: wa'assalam nafeesa x