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    Non-Muslim to Muslim exchange of Knowledge

    Asalaamu alaikum, Here is the response from that I just received this morning. I posed the question just before the start of the month of Hajj (to give you a reference). I told you that I would pose it and then post their answer. I have fulfilled my promise. I no longer post here...
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    Tafsir Request..

    :salam2: As of late, I've been having extreme difficulty gaining access to and I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to copy/paste the Tafsir for sever Ayat's for me so that I can read them. The ayat's I am requesting are as follows: Sahih International taken from
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    Stupid question..

    :salam2: Ok, I know that I've been around for longer than some like to admit but I have a really stupid, basic, question and I hope you can help me understand with hadith and sunnah proofs. When mentioning the names of the prophets, the phrase "peace and blessings of Allah upon him/them" is...
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    Al-Qaida to Iran: Your 9/11 Theory "Ridiculous"

    :salam2: I tried to access the original article but either I can't find it or (and this is more likely) the website is banned in the USA. Maybe someone else can get it and post the article because I'd like to read the original. Its all over ABCNews and Huffington Post and Hindustan times...
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    Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

    Asalaamu Aalikum, I have not watched this in its entirety but I first heard about it from another sister who said that it was fantastic. It is a PBS documentary and what I have seen of it, it IS fantastic. It covers history and also Islam in America. Its about 2 hours long. Part 1: FnoA8v4rbTk...
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    Talk about a MIRACLE!!

    :salam2: I just HAD to share this!!
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    New Muslim born!

    :salam2: To all the ones who know her...Sister Trying2Learn has given birth to a new baby boy!!! His name is Aadam and he was born at 12:25am EST 6 lbs 7 ozs. I'll be calling her in an hour to find out more information. If you have a message for her, leave it here and inshallah I'll pass them...
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    CIA helps NYPD Expand covert Ops in Muslim areas

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters, I felt that it was important that this information be posted.
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    Obama's Ramadan Dinner Speech Pays Tribute to Muslim Americans

    :salam2: I found this one completely by accident. I thought I'd share it with you.|aim|dl4|sec3_lnk1|85412
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    Islamic e-Books and lectures on Ramadan

    :salam2: I receive emails from another website and I found this link today. I thought I'd post it here for your benefit. The links on the page are as follows: Essentials of Ramadan by Tajuddin B. Shuaib (eBook)...
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    What are you reading?

    :salam2: I found this one on Facebook and thought it would be a great one to share here. Its interesting to see some of the responces. Topics such as history, cooking <a recipe actually..(looks over at sister harb)>, religious "wisdom of the day" type sentances, fiction...lets see what we find...
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    Israeli Military Withheld Vital Video Evidance

    :salam2: I have several problems with the Israeli's story. 1) Being run over by a bulldozer? I don't know about you but all the bulldozers *I* know have plenty of visual room. The only way they couldn't have seen her is if she was under them. Oh, wait, she WAS. Eventually. I am reminded about...
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    Help Sheikh Ibrahim Dremali

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters, While I am not a Muslim I take notice of things Islamicly related when they show up on the "ad" side of my Facebook page. I noticed this one and while I think it was posted by someone else here on TTI, I thought I'd repost it just in case. A man with this kind of...
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    Tennessee's Anti-Muslim Bill is an American Disgrace

    :salam2: I thought this might be of interest for you. [/I]
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    Five Myths about Mosques in America

    :salam2: I thought the history of Mosques in America was fascinating. [/I]
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    Mosque building in America

    :salam2: Not everyone in America is against Islam...I just found these on FB thanks to Sister Valerie, who posted them.
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    Found in my paper today: Osama bin Laden and Islam

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters, In the Commentary section of my newspaper, taking up one half of the lower section was the following article: I remember very clearly the sad morning of Sept. 11, 2001. It was certainly a sad and dark day. As an American and a Muslim my grief was twofold. On one...
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    Jen's Concerns

    Cause we are "Kaffir" and "Kaffirs" are to be hated because they do not love Allah or Mohammad and it is the duty of Muslims to kill them....... (This was a statement not from Jen herself, but as she later clarifies : I was answering Brother Idris using the mental voice of Osama. It is not a...
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    I will be away..

    :salam2: To all my Brothers and sisters, Today is Thursday. Sunday will be the 1 year anniversary of when I had to spread the ashes of my father at his home in Massachusetts. Him and my only sibling, my brother had been found dead in their home together. I am leaving here today to drive the 500...
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    Al-Qaida plotted post 9/11 attacks on US, leaked files show WASHINGTON - Classified military files obtained by the WikiLeaks website reveal a range of potential al-Qaida plots against the United States, including post-9/11 aircraft attacks on the West Coast...