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  1. Al-bint

    How many of you do rafadeyn?

    :salam2: Hope everyone is in the state of best health and a strong Imaan! Wanted to ask everyone over here, do you do rafadeyn while praying? Is praying without rafadeyn wrong? In Sunan abudawud, I found hadith for both. So can it be said that both ways are correct? jazakallah khairan!
  2. Al-bint

    Apostasy unveiled!

    :salam2: I was wondering if anyone here heard about the recent revelation of the apostasy case in Kashmir. If you haven't read about it yet, here is a link: I have no idea what can be the possible solution to stop...
  3. Al-bint

    Your PC. Male or Female?

    :salam2: Many people might already know this, but I just shared it for fun :) Do the following test and share the result :wavyarms: Is your computer “male” or “female”?? 1. Open Notepad 2. Type the following line in notepad: CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I trust you" 3. Save file...
  4. Al-bint

    L O L! Wife wants the salary ;)

    :salam2: is that how it really happens? LOL P.S. Its just for fun. no offence intended to any one :) & yes i dont know how to display the pics (in bigger size). So can any moderator help me out with this? :wasalam:
  5. Al-bint

    Can we directly call unto the Prophet s.a.w?

    :salam2: It might be a very commem question, but I still want to ask it again. During attahiyaat in namaz, we read "Assalamualaika ayyuhan nabiyu..." Does this mean that we are directly talking to the Prophet s.a.w as we use '--ka'? Can anyone provide me with the background to this dua...
  6. Al-bint

    Qur'anic ayah or hadith fo marraige cards needed... :)

    :salam2: Hope this finds u in the state of Imaan n best health! My sister is getting married soon InshaAllah! need a relevant Qur'anic Ayah or Hadith for the wedding card hope you people can help m out with it :) jazakallah khairn
  7. Al-bint

    E-codes? A matter of concern?!!

    Salaam Alaikum, Hope everyone finds this in the best state of health and imaan. Its becum a bit difficult foe me to trust the food stuff that is available in the market these days... sometime back in my state products of Amul, cadbury and many other brands were banned for sometime because...
  8. Al-bint

    Questions for Quiz! plz help

    :salam2: Hope everyone finds this in the best state of health and imaan. I am supposed to organise an Islamic quiz for girls in my college. For this purpose i need some 100 questions every month. It would be of great help if you people helped me out with this by posting questions along with...
  9. Al-bint

    Eating Together Or From The Same Plate??

    :salam2: As I live in a hostel, there are many non-muslims living around me, and cannot avoid it. The thing is that i even have a non muslim as my friend or so as she thinks. She sometimes invites me to have food with her n i am not able to say no. I just wanted to know is being friends or...
  10. Al-bint

    Nasheed audio and video?

    salaam alaikum, where from can i get islamic nasheed audios or videos? plz help me regarding this! jazakallah khairn
  11. Al-bint

    What should be my limit?

    Salaam alaikum, I m doin engineering. It being a profesional degree u need 2 interact a lot with your classmates. Coming to the point that the numbr of girls 2 dat of boys is very low, so what should be my stand regarding talking to them? sumtimes times i feels like talking to them wont harm...
  12. Al-bint


    Eid greetings 2 ol d TTI members from my side.... may u ol hav d best eid evr dis time n njoy 2 the fullest!!!
  13. Al-bint

    islamic colleges???

    :salam2: i want info related to any muslim college offering degree courses along with islamic education..... plz help me with this. i have heard an international college for girls is opening up in burnley which offers both degree courses along with islamic studies. any one having any info...
  14. Al-bint


    :salam2: Many of you may have read this poem written by a non muslim named Elizabeth Browning. It touched my heart thatz why i wanted to share it with all the members......... There is no God the foolish saith, but none there is no sorrow. When nature oft the cry of faith, in bitter needs...