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    Iranian MP Clergyman: Obeying Vali Faqih(Ayatollat) is obeying God and Prophet

    Walatul Faqih is basically hierarchy of the Ayatollats in the Shia Religion. So according to the Shias, Khamenie is the "grand" Ayatollat of the Shias of the world. Sorry for no translation. If you know a little Farsi which I do then you can know what he is saying. X7Q04VZK0Cs
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    UN suspends its Syria mission

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    Crown Prince Naif Dies

    RIYADH: The Saudi Royal Court on Saturday said Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Crown Prince Naif has died. He was in his late 70s. In a statement, the Royal Court said, "With deep sorrow and grief, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, announced the...
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    Proof of Iranian Soldiers fighting with Assad Army in Syria

    You can clearly hear them speaking Farsi. JoXBYYXkpik&feature=channel&list=UL
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    Assads Allawite Shabiha: In their Own Words

    LTTAKIA, Syria and BEIRUT, Lebanon | As Syria descends into civil war, Abu Jaafar said he is ready to kill women and children to defend his friends, family and president. "Sunni women are giving birth to babies who will fight us in years to come, so we have the right to fight anyone who can...
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    Shia Allawite Animals attacking UN Observer heading towards a Massacre Site

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    How Syrian Rebels Get Their Guns

    From Dead Allawite Soldeirs! B2NRYEwatZw&feature=relmfu Message to all the internet conspiracy nuts and communists and fascists and new world order lowlifes who still live in their mother's basements in the west while slandering the Muslims of Syria who are giving their lives to live like...
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    Dua for Syria from Prophets Mosque

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    Khomeini - Enemy of Arabs and the Arabic Language

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    Rape in Syria - Al Jazeera Report

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    Lebanese Hizbullat Hostages in Hands of Free Syrian Army

    The Syrian rebels confirmed that the 11 Lebanese affiliated with Hezbollah oversaw the massacres in Syria. The arrested men belonged to the intelligence section of Hezbollah. Among the arrested were a nephew of Hassan Nasrallah and the intelligence official of the Iranian’s Jerusalem force...
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    Fresh violence in Syria kills dozens, including women and children

    Violence by the Syrian regime against civilians has left at least 30 people killed across the country, the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) reported on Saturday. The assault was a continuation after the Syrian army killed at least 17 civilians, including nine women and three children, in...
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    Iran blasts Turkey, Saudi, Qatar over ally Syria Iran's former Revolutionary Guards....

    A top military aide to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday accused Ankara, Riyadh and Doha of serving US and Israeli interests in Syria, in a veiled warning to Turkey of worsening ties. "The Americans, Israelis, and some European and Persian Gulf nations, in particular Qatar and...
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    Assad Forces Kill 78 Sunni Civilians in Homs, 12 Bodies Burned Alive

    (Reuters) - Activists said pro-government militia men and security forces killed at least 78 people, including children, in Syria's central province of Hama on Wednesday. Some of those killed in the village of Mazraat al-Qabeer were stabbed to death, the activists said, and at least 12 bodies...
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    The Turban Opium of The Safavids

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    Life of a Shia from one hole to another

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    Shia Dogs capture Sunni civilians and tatoo "ya aba abdillah" on forehead

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    Nusayri Shias carry Israeli Flag in Pro-Assad rally in Canada