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    Quran 99 Names Mobile Application – NAMES OF The Allah and Prophet Muhammad (Saw) with their meanings

    99 Names Mobile Application – Names of the Allah and Prophet Muhammad (Saw) with their meanings, translation, Audio voice. This Islamic application allows the user to learn and memorizes all Ninety nine Names of the Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad (Saw). Which comes with English...
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    Kids Dua Series - A Mobile app ideal for kids

    Kid’s brain grows quickly in fist three years and yet they learn most of things between this age. In today’s fast growing technological era children learn almost everything necessary in their first ten years. Taking such things in mind developers of creates a masterpiece for...
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    Find Qibla Direction

    Find Qibla Diection is a mobile app that helps the user to find out the qibla direction.User can locate Qibla direction & offer prayers in that direction. Application contains following prominent features. 1. Find Qibla anytime no matter which part of the globe are you in. 2. The app tells the...
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    Making Someone Fool Today? – Remember, Lies lead to evil and evil leads to Hell

    April fool is celebrated by all the non-believers as a day to make people fool by using false methods, usually lying Unfortunately, a significant number of Muslims also take this day as fun to make other fools which from moral perspective and Islamic teachings is strictely prohibited.. Dear...
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    Blessings Of The Last 10 Days Of Ramadan 2012

    ALLAH is most beneficial and merciful that He give us continuous chances of blessings and forgiveness but how many of Us avail it, The special kind of offer is the Ramadan Or month of Fasting in which every Muslim is rewarded with 70 times more reward on hi/her single goodwill/action. It brings...
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    Blessings Of The Last 10 Days Of Ramadan

    The third and most important and valuable days of Ramadan are these last 10 days known as Ashra of protecting from hell fire. So it has more things that are also important like Itikaf and laila Tul Qadr. Learn more valuable things from the best available sources. quranreading (dot)...
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    Leading Sunni official in Iraq hit by roadside bomb

    That is pretty strange news because Sunni Militant's are struggling against American and Iraqi Shia forces in Iraq and attacking on Shia and American official's with bomb attacks. This is the first case in which Sunni official has been attacked by bomb.
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    How Can You Make Your Life Worthier With The Help Of Quran Education?

    Life is one of the most precious gifts one can ever demand from the Mighty Lord of the universe, i.e. Allah Almighty; Who not only created human beings, but every single particle constituting the whole wide universe we can see and think of.Especially blessed are the ones who have been honored...
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    This Nasheed makes me cry

    :) Very nice nasheed...:tti_sister:
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    Make Cream Puffs For Ramadhan's Dessert.

    :) Cream puffffffffffs my favorite recipe.
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    "Its Sunnah, not Fard (or Wajib)"

    :) Dear sunnah mean doing and saying of Prophet. our Prophet perform every action that is allowed to do in Islam and refrain us from not doing it. well if you follow sunnah that mean you are saving yourself from sins and doing good deed. If you make them fard on you that is good because it...
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    Quran Reading is a Great Worship

    Read Quran its the word of Allah and the sign of Guidance Quran reading and exploring it is the true duty of Muslim because it contains Allah’s Message to all the people and the Quran teaching tells the people that how to act correctly. By learning Quran you will find that it guides us to a...
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    Is Islam in Favor of Female Education Or Against It?

    World has gotten to know so much about “Taliban”, especially after the horrific tragedy referred as 9/11 that served to perish the lives of more than 3000 innocent human beings in the United States of America. Ever since then, world media highlights any news about “Taliban”, a regime that...
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    Is Muslim the name of a race?

    :) Nice question asked and i feel good to read different views and replies of people. :tti_sister:
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    Wisdom of Muhammad(pbuh)

    :) :salam2: Seem like Holy Prophet shows every part of living standards for very time till the day of judgment in every aspect of life. :tti_sister:
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    What does ISLAM say about family lineage?

    :) Thank GOD their is no line age or some thing like that in Punjab. we are saved :tti_sister:
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    Fruits...fruits...and more fruits

    tell me meaning can any one please tell me urdu meaning of avocado.... fruit:tti_sister:
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    How BIG are you?

    new planet I was watching news and their i heard about discovery of new planet same like earth and same condition to survive over their. hope so that would be like earth :):ma::tti_sister:
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    Few Rare Pictures

    reply i want to see more last pics.::ma:
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    over 6000 masids/minars/domes worldwide ppt

    :) SUBHANALLAH all images are really great. :ma::tti_sister: