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    Islam spread by the sword?

    :salam2: i need to do a presentation on this topic: misconcept that islam spread by the sword. any ideas and trusted links would be very help full. zazakomoalaho kair :salam2:
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    website to learn arabic

    :salam2: where to find a nice website that teaches how to learn arabic for kids at beginning level and little advanced (to learn alphabet and to write and read) zazakomo Allaho kair
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    10th of moharam

    Asalamo alaikom The records of the Hadith bear ample testimony to the fact that fasting was a common religious practice among the pre-Islamic Arabs too, and they used to observe fast on the tenth of Muharram because it was on this very day that Allah saved Moses and his companions from the...
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    halal or haram

    :salam2: is spot currency exchange halal? (evidence) what are halal ways to earn one's risque through the internet? zazakom Allah kair :salam2: