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    My story

    Is this a true story? Does this really happened to u?
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    Question: Removing extra hair on body

    Assalamualaikum dear all I have a question again. Actually my younger son is one and a half year old and since he was born he has lots and lots of hair on his body face forehead and hands.. My sister told me that these hairs can be removed by doing a massage on his body with chick pea flour and...
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    Let´s go to the Bananaaaaaaa

    I would like to add a recipe from my side .. We call it banana milk.. Cut bananas into slice two bananas for a single person will be enough.. Then fry those round sliced banana into pure ghee until light brown in colour take them aside and on other pan put around two cups of milk to boil keep...
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    Problem Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters need help

    Jazakallahu khairen for the reference dear brother we are in need of such other sites or any reference or anything please about starting our own business it is very difficult to do that because my hubby has lots of responsibility.. Also he has tried on each and every job search engine but in...
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    Problem Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters need help

    Assalamualaikum dear all since the time I have joined tti Allah subhanawatala have helped me make new friends and also have increased my knowledge and each and every time I ask for anybodys help my tti family had helped a lot.. So Alhamdulillah Jazakallahu and jazakallahi khairen to all. But...
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    Saudi cleric says building snowmen 'anti-Islamic'

    I just wanted to say that it is quite funny that people start giving fatwas on sippy things but on the same time it hurts when I see people of one ummah just fighting upon an issue which is just not worth of talking.. Why don't we people understand other important issues and try sorting those...
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    Serious Deadly attack on satirical magazine in Paris

    Why don't those people understand just a simple logic that because of such so called Muslim terrorists each and every other normal Muslim like me u and us suffered a lot.... It is due to such people that the name of Muslims are only used when something bad or even worst happens it is because of...
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    Breads from all over the world

    In India we call it as pav
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    Homemade Sweets

    What is shortening?
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    Problem Prayers getting in the way of getting children to sleep

    Assalamualaikum dear sister I am in the same state as u I have two kids one of them is three and other one is one year old. How old is ur kid? What I do sometimes is while standing I take the younger one in my arms sometimes and the other one besides me and many of the times I sit and pray...
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    <<Sahih Al Bukhari >> Download now

    I can't download it its in zip format please post it in PDF format also it will be helpful if u could please post all the 10 volumes one by one in PDF format please
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    back on TTI

    I remember u quote="hopeeternal, post: 615725, member: 119859"]salamalaykum I was a member here about two years ago,, i was esperanza,,im back now under this name I remember u dear sister where were u?
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    Question: Question about expiation of broken fast

    assalamualaikum dear all I just wanted to clear one question. that suppose if a person had intercourse during the day of Ramadan while fasting astagfirulla which I know needs to be expiated either by fasting for two consecutive months or by feeding 60 poor people. so does that means that for a...
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    yes of course its too hot here..can I get a chocolate milkshake in iftar plzz.. i know u live in a olace where thers lot of snow soo..dear can u plz adopt me and my hubby.. u know what u will get my two kids free free free....
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    make some space for me too
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    Photo First Day of Ramadan In Dhaka.

    we Indian call it as khichdi its basically made from rice by adding mentions and spices
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    Kitchen tips - How to make cooking easier to you

    yes dear sister sure
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    Muhammad Abu Khdeir Was Burt Alive

    ya Allah please have mercy on your slaves please ya Allah help...
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    Iftar Ideas

    I mean to say that in my convection there are modes like convection microwave grill convection + microwave grill + microwave and convection + grill so in which made should I bake them??? I'm zero while using my oven need some help plzz..