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    How to become a STRONG MUSLIM

    Asalam alaikum my dear brothers and sisters I wanted to share some tips on how you can become a strong muslim..inshallah this will help you Source: 1.Accept that God Almighty exists and His attributes are beyond our imagination. He is capable...
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    ON THE WINGS OF A PRAYER Just close your eyes and open your heart, And feel your worries and cares depart. Just yield yourself to the Almighty above, And let Him hold you secure in His love. For life on earth grows more involved, With endless problems that can't be solved. But...
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    Please ALLAH be with me

    PLEASE ALLAH BE WITH ME I walk the empty street with my head down But I have this feeling that You are around The brush of the air Makes me feel that You are near Crazy thoughts run through my mind But painful memories I leave behind Looking back I see what I was So many things I...
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    Destination the Hereafter - Have You Packed Your Suitcases?

    Destination the Hereafter - Have You Packed Your Suitcases? From ’az-Zamân al-Qâdim Compiled by ’Abdul-Malik al-Qasim Translated by Muhammad al-Sharîf Her cheeks were worn and sunken and her skin hugged her bones. That didn’t stop her though, you could never catch her not reciting...
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    Let's get back to Islam

    LET'S GET BACK TO ISLAM Lets get back to Islam, before the sun goes down, We never know when we'll be under the mound. "I'll pray when I get older," That's what they say, But we might not have even one more day! Lets get back to Islam, before its too late, "Aw man...
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    Darul uloom university

    :salam2: brothers and sisters I hope you are in best of health. I want to attend a Islamic university which is Darul uloom university in toronto. Has anyone ever heard of this university or know anyone that has. Please let me know if its a good islamic university. they have a website but it...
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    pakistani pineapple dishes

    :salam2: Does anybody know any pakistani pineapple dishes. Any simple recipe..just not any baking ones. Thank you in advance :wasalam:
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    I am a Muslim

    I am a Muslim ============== I am a Muslim And God I praise For all His blessings My voice I raise In one God I believe No equal has He Lord of the universe Compassionate to me Muhammad the prophet...
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    Wake up people...DEATH IS NEAR!

    :salam2: I found this poem and had to share it with everybody. Hope you find it beneficial like I did. :wasalam: ******************************************************** DEATH Look throught the Keyhole before you open the door coz the angel of death is at your doorstep. You are trying...
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    read this poem if you feel lazy to read salah

    What Prayer is These words I jot down cos I shudder with fear At the thought that young Muslims can sleep without prayer That to close ones eyes can be as easy as pie Thinking that prayer is a ritual, outdated, should die You my friend, you must be as dumb as a log, For you have...
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    The Great Physician

    The Great Physician Welcome to the Great Physician's Office hours are as you come, He's a specialist in all problems And His day is never done. He can heal a heart that's broken He can mend the spirit too, No matter what your ailment He does have the cure for you. His fee for...