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  1. ummyasiin

    As SalaamuAlaikum

    As Salaamu alaikum, I am ummyaniah/ummyasiin.....I have been apart of this community since 2006..I have fell off alot..... Home is where the heart is, this has always been my second home. InshaAllah I plan to become an active member as I was in "06" and learn some new things insha Allah, as...
  2. ummyasiin

    sincere advice needed.....

    :girl3: Salaams to All,......when a muslim/muslimah tread so far away from the right path on to a path of destruction, fornication, lies,...etc but has not commited shirk literally but has become a slave to the whispers of shaytan, is it possible for taubah to be enough? Can u make taubah n...
  3. ummyasiin and my questions...

    Salaams, can anyone tell me who are 3 othe prophets during the time of moses Alaihis Salaam...?:tti_sister:
  4. ummyasiin

    salaams.....another question....

    As Salamu Alaikum....can sum one tell me who are the 3 prophets that the jews are responsible for their death....inshallah.
  5. ummyasiin

    salaams....good question...

    As salaamu alaikum, can anyone tell me who r the woman Allah swt has granted paradise to and the woman of this life who also has been granted paradisw too, n how many....Ishallah...:tti_sister:
  6. ummyasiin


    salaams to all, I havent been on in a loonng time, and I hope in pray everyone is in good health and a positive state of mind... can anyone tell me where to download a new screen savers as such like the ones that recite quran from islamic finder? i have a new computer and its win 7 and islamic...
  7. ummyasiin

    I'm losing my losing my faith..

    salaams, I wish I could be anonymous rite now....i need help. May allah swt guide me, n with his permission you guide has been MANY things in the sunnah of our beloved prophet that has had me in questioned in it's causing me to feel differently.....i recently learned that I was makin...
  8. ummyasiin

    is the man/husband curfew according to the sunnah isha unless attending to business?

    As salaamu alaikum....i was wondering if there were ahadith stating that the male should be in the house @ isha unless attending a business affair or the masjid such as the women should be in the houses after magrib....inshallah sumone can enlighten the matter, with proofs...shurkran.
  9. ummyasiin

    As salamu alaikum.....Dua PLEASE

    salaams to everyone I apologize for not bein as active lately, may Allah swt n you all plz forgive returnin, bcause home is where the healin is (its n exprssion) I'm askin for my ukthiis n ahkiis to please make dua for me while I walk this road of talaq.. Through my iddah dua n prayer...
  10. ummyasiin

    tafsir......on hadith

    As salaamu Alaikum/ anyone know the correct tafsir on the saying " want for your brother what you want for yourself" ? Inshallah..
  11. ummyasiin

    need advice, dua, and suggestions inshallah

    Salaams to all, I would have posted this in the area where the "medical" articles are but I couldn't find it...however do anyone know any remedies for "canker sores" I have had a sever reaction to this extra spicy Chinese food and I am in sooo much pain n discomfort mashallah. I have been using...
  12. ummyasiin

    muslim vs christian friend :(

    Inshallah, please help me settle a dispute between my long term christian friend that I may or maynot have caused...I often forward msgs to ALL ppl on my friend list, I screen what I may feel to be offensive to the ones that are firm to thier faith, the msgs that I do send usually have a...
  13. ummyasiin

    is this fast valid?

    As Salaamu Alaikum, I want to fast today to do like good deed, to compensate for some of my wrong, I know monday and thurs are sunnah which is good today is monday, however can I used this same fast with 2intentions, like knocking down to stones at one time?
  14. ummyasiin

    whats the significance

    whats the root of slaughtering of the lambs, sheeps......why is it permissible and where did it come from? vf gt6
  15. ummyasiin me plz

    As Salaamu Alaikum/kii anyone have any phobias of spiders? do anyone feel as if they are under attack? or is it just me, I almost commited suicide running from a spider!!! why are they following me??? its like they know Im petrified so they are bulling me. last week one winded dwn from...
  16. ummyasiin

    I just dont get it......

    :girl3:Salaams to all, I have been apart of this community for quite a few years with different names due to lost pass words n change of emails, however, lately I have been on here at my prime because my current schedule allow so. My point is I now see and understand why the many muslims whom I...
  17. ummyasiin

    I need answers plz!!!

    can a person keep on asking to marry a sis once he knows that she is intened to marry already???? their point is that she is not obligated to him becuz they are not married yet..........are there any proofs against this?:astag:
  18. ummyasiin

    nikah permissable or not

    salaams....I have searched all over for the proofs but cannot find any, can any one give or direct me with clear proof of whether o not the nikah can be done over the phone, Ive read bin baaz aproval for one situation but what about ALL the nikah valid, permissible, if done...
  19. ummyasiin

    help with somthing small plz..

    my times are oh so very wrong on here, and i cant 4goodness sake figure out how to correct it plz som1 explain how...shurkran:shymuslima1:
  20. ummyasiin

    praying with/out socks????

    Omg, I never thought about whether it is obligatory to pray with/ without socks.....until I was asked, I have always prayed with because of my Awrah as a women, but my ibn asked is it obligatory for him as well???? hmm, so ofcourse we looked it up, but I have only com up with suppoting hadiths...