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  1. True_Sultan

    Is it a sin (or Shreik)?

    ASWK, I was wondering that in many islamic literature, it says that if a muslim beliefs objections of creation can have a capacity to do something or having powers or exerting a force is considered a sin and that only God has this capacity or force or power. So basically, is it wrong for a...
  2. True_Sultan

    Dream interpetration needed

    Aswk, How are you guys doing. I hope you enjoyed my last thread. Anyway last night I had a interesting dream. It felt unreal but it felt real. So here goes, In my dream, I was searching for a man of high value. I found him and he was of a military type. I was asking him of what people...
  3. True_Sultan

    My somewhat of a mind melting philosophical, scientific rant

    ASWK, How are you today brothers and sisters? Anyway please excuse me for ranting, but i felt like venting it and i feel it maybe a nice beneficial for the community as i haven't see any deep intellectual conversations so far. I may be wrong, but hey anyway onto the subject at hand. 1...
  4. True_Sultan

    delete my account

    Dear brothers and sisters and admins, As much as I like this website, i am not going to be using it, so could an admin please delete it which will subsequently delete my other threads and remove me from this website, I am a little paranoid with the information i put up, thanks.
  5. True_Sultan

    Hey guys, long time still

    Salam brothers and sisters, How have you guys been? Its been a long while, schools been keeping me busy and all so I havent posted recently. So i was wondering how everyone is doing? Anything new or interesting going on in life? Me well Alot has changed, im just gonna go and list them...
  6. True_Sultan

    What is the logical and islamic view on intuition?

    Salam to all the brothers and sisters on TTI. Guess who's back (again) its me your favourite bro :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: Ahah so i was doing some religious research because Ramadan is close (early Ramzan kareem) and I do not want to make a mistake. Along my research i have come...
  7. True_Sultan

    Interesting find!!

    Salam guys, Please read this news and please tell me what you think and what your theories are? I'll get back to you soon enough =)
  8. True_Sultan

    I'lm-e-ghayb and our prophet pbuh

    Salam brothers and sisters, From what I have been reading, i learned that our prophet was given the keys. The secrets of the past, present and future was given to him. Allah has given him unseen knowledge. He was seen heaven and hell and Allah himself. He was informed about all events. He also...
  9. True_Sultan


    Salam brothers and sisters, How have you been brothers and sisters? I hope everything is good. I have completed first year in aerospace engineering with everyones dua. I scored A's and they were o.k. Anyway I have something to say about my actions during the past year on spamming on TTI...
  10. True_Sultan

    Need help, kinda hard to explain?

    Salam brothers and sisters, So I am almost done my first year in aerospace and I need to choose a specialization between propulsion and aerodynamics, aerospace vehicle structure, aerospace electronics and space systems. Now it should be easy for me because as we all know, i like the unknown...
  11. True_Sultan

    a new book, is it authenticated?

    Salam brothers and sisters, I was surfing the web for more information on the al ghayb and the unseen. So i came across this book called "Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth". So i was wondering if its authentic and what comments u have on its uses? Here is a link to one of the...
  12. True_Sultan

    Is it right to post personal stories here?

    Salam to my brothers and Sisters, Is it wrong to write down sad stories about myself? Anyway if not here it goes. I recently got back some of my exam marks...So i only get an A while the people that cheats or the people i had tutored got an A+ (100 percent). I feel so under-acomplished. I...
  13. True_Sultan

    Your mysterious brother True_Sultan returns asking for a dua and for forgiveness..

    Salam to all my brothers and sisters, First of all Im sorry if I have made any mistakes in the past, or if i have annoyed a lot of people. Second of all Im almost done my first semester and my exams are coming up. I have a philosophy exam tommorrow (which is Saturday). Calculus on monday...
  14. True_Sultan

    Creating Thread after Thread on a misconception? LOL

    Salam bro an sis, So this monday my classes officially start, have been having frosh. Anyway I was thinking about my aspiration..i don't like have the feeling for it i guess. but none the less i see everywhere that people are saying and studying in the quran that the keys to the ghayb is just...
  15. True_Sultan

    Have muslims ever burn the bible or the torah? Astagfrullah

    There are real bad people out there? Have u ever heard muslims burning the bible? or the torah? The why this: Astagfrullah :( :salah:
  16. True_Sultan

    Is this the only reason we exist?

    Salam muliakum, I was wondering (actually pondering) after reading the quran/listening to my mom that this life is short. So does that mean we soley exist to just follow the quran and the sunnah and the 5 pillars? If thats the case does that mean what we do outside doesn't count? I mean all...
  17. True_Sultan

    Do you guys imagine stuff while praying or not?

    Salam brothers and sisters, A question to you all. Do you guys imagine Allah's light or his presence while praying? or do you imagine his greatness while praying? Or do you just blindly recite the surah's? Im asking because I don't know which on is correct. Like for me I can just recite...
  18. True_Sultan

    Contradiction in people or contradiction in hadeth's?

    Salam, I find this very disturbing...and so confusing. I had to create this thread because no one comments on the other. Anyway I have talked about the Unknown/unseen alot on this site..people here say that the "ghayb" means the unknown/unseen. Also they say that by definition the "ghayb" or...
  19. True_Sultan

    How to discard the essay?

    Salam brothers and sisters, I'm wanting to discard some school notes that I do not need. My friends and I are probably gonna burn them, but the problem is I wrote a essay on islam and it has some quranic verses and verses of hadith printed on it (translations ofcourse), so what is the best...
  20. True_Sultan

    make a dua for your curious, mysterious, brother: True_Sultan

    i got exam (English) today, calculus tomorrow and physics and film studies on next Tuesday. Today is Thursday, please make a dua, and tell anybody else u know to make a dua, inshallah sister, i will come back to the road of faith and be happy and ace the exams. Also make a dua so I can...