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    Video Abdurraheem Green's Dad's Beautiful Shahada Story

    :salam2: Abdurraheem Green on the death of his father and his embracing Islam on his deathbed. Must watch TETBkzUHaik :wasalam:
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    Sajdah to husband hadith

    Asslam u alaikum wrwb bothers and sisters, I pray to Allah for you all to be in the best of health and Eman. I would greatly appreciate if I can have some information on the chain of narration and authenticity of this hadith. Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) states that the Messenger...
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    Video Joshua Age 12 accepts Islam

    :salam2: bLyZIh5sjWc :wasalam:
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    pls translate this Arabic nasheed

    Any Arab in the house Pls ?? :salam2: Can someone please translate this beautiful nasheed for me please...OR at least please give me some idea about the topic. T2hFbdx4WTY&feature=related jazak Allah Khair, :wasalam:
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    Need help regarding "Words" used in a hadith

    Asslam u alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters, I pray to Allah for all of you to be in the best of health and Eman. I would appreciate if someone can help me regarding the explanation of this hadith Narrated Abu Huraira(RA):The Prophet(sallallahu alaihi...
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    Muslim Cleric Ordered to Leave Australia

    A leading Muslim cleric, ordered to leave the country by immigration officials, says his spirit will remain in Australia forever. Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has lived in Australia for 16 years and is the force behind an Islamic centre in suburban Sydney. Dr Leghaei was ordered to leave the...