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    Problem A teenage girl requiring help with the deen.

    in a nutshell The Cure to your problem in sha allah is 1) Learn the Correct Muslim Aqeedah (belief) in DETAIL, Starting from Tawheed of Allah, Pillars of Eemaan in Detail. 2) Learn from the works authored by Trusted Ullama of Islaam the likes of Sheikh Saalih Al Fawzaan , Sheikh Ubaid Al...
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    Atheism and its dangers Welcome to AboutAtheism.Net! Over the past 50 years huge advancements in astronomy, physics, molecular biology and genetics have eroded the arguments previously used to undermine belief in God. Rather, arguments that were thought to have been totally undermined...
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    Arn't sunnis transgressing?

    The Truth from the People of Sunnah aka Salafis VS Terrorism, visit The Truth Regarding Shias in light of the People of Sunnah, visit Visit for more information Visit to listen to lectures by Salafi...
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    Arabic Islam Website

    Learn from these authentic websites
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    Arabic Islam Website

    Beneficial Links (Arabic)
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    POLISHING THE HEARTS By Imaam Ibnul-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d.751H)

    POLISHING THE HEARTS By Imaam Ibnul-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d.751H) The Believer is in dire need of remembering Allaah and this remembrance is what preserves the heart. Whoever neglects [remembering Allaah] most of the time, then his heart will become rusty in accordance with how neglectful the...
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    A Criticism of Aristotle's View on Virtue

    Refutation of the Asharies Never see Ash'ariyyah in the same light, ever again! Aristotle of Stageira, Philo of Alexandria, Augustine of Hippo, the Sabeans of Harraan, the Mu'tazilites of Basrah and Baghdad and the Jahmite Ash'ari Heretics of Today Claiming Orthodoxy.
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    I'm scared to pray

    [eBook] Protecting oneself from shaytaan and from harm through the Words of Remembrance found in the Authentic Sunnah
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    Fabricated , no Daleel . an innovation Do not Read this.
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    DOWNLOAD The Noble Quran EBook by Muhsin Khan

    beaware - this software has intorduction of Mawdudi who is a deviated individual - search him here at the Quran and its explanation is my Dr.Muhsin Khan which is Authentic
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    The Virtues and Sunnah's of Jummah

    if anyone wants more refrence on this hadetth PM me and i will give you more clarification on it authenticity Insha 'allah
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    The Virtues and Sunnah's of Jummah

    az101 said: ↑ that hadith is correct. -------------------- these 2 below seem highly doubtful But 7."" To walk to the Masjid if possible for every step is a reward of a years Nafl Fast (Tirmidhi) "" can you paste the exact refrence of where in tirmii is this... It was narrated from Aws ibn...
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    URDU - Learn the Correct Islam

    Advise: is not a very attractive looking Website , one should not be discouraged. Advise : This website is one of the ONLY few URDU websites which are AUTHENTIC upon the Understanding of the Salaf-Salhiheen (Al-Manhaj As Salafi) Get yourself a note pad a pen and Mannerism...
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    URDU - Learn the Correct Islam

    Do you Prefer to Learn in the URDU Language? More then 1000+ recorded Lessons on Aqeedah,Tafseer, Refutations and Much more Lessons in URDU by Sheikh Murtaza Bin Baksh (Hafidahullah) Dr. Murtaza Bin Baksh (hafidahullaah) (may Allaah preserve him), Dr...
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    Something missing from Islam or i am missin something?

    What we need is "correct" Knowledge! and Huda TV is NOT the source of Correct Knowledge at all ! Below is what every single Member of TTI needs to do and is Wajib upon them to learn and a cure to many of the Doubts and problems with regards to their Islaam and Emaan Insha Allah! Indeed the...
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    Copy righted Islamic Material ? Is it halal or not ?

    brother why are u lisstening to Khalid yasin when there are those FARR better then him and are know to be upon clear Haqq. there is a Thread made Sticky Learn the Correct Creed of in tti .. Its sticky.. go there scrool waay down and start learning the Thalaatha-til-Ussool. 50...
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    (HOT) Finally, Master Arabic the Smart and Classical Way!

    Bismillahhir Rahmanir Raheem !! Finally, Master Arabic the Smart and Classical Way! What they are saying: "...I'm not jumping ahead of myself but this is GENIUS!" "I am very surprised, pleased and challenged by this unique, clear, attractive and interactive way...
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    Discussion on Deobandis

    THEN WHO ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAVED AND AIDED? WHICH SECT is the SAVED SECT?? they are those who are upon the QURAN AND SUNNAH and learning it and implementing it according to the The U N D E R S T A N D I N G of Salaf as Saalih exact... CLICK BELOW AND LEARN WHO THEY ARE...
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    Discussion on Deobandis

    Misguidence of Tableege Jamaat who are the Sufi wing of the Debandies