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    the New World Order

    Man proposes god disposes, nothing ever happens or will happen against Allah SWT's will. But yes do keep your faith, iman strong n be ready to rise to the occasion but with taqwa.:salah:
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    personality test

    Esfj my results
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    I have emailed on this injustice, but I am slightly confused,if the imam has been there since the past four years despite the blindness, then why all of a sudden he is being evicted,or is there some other reason like age factor or replacing someone after a certain period of time,anyway I have...
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    Why Sunni and Shia?

    I totally agree with brother ershad,if we read quran with its translation ,it is given clearly that that we would go wrong and divide ourselves into sects and also worship others other than Allah but nobody has any power except the Almighty Allah, even if we cant reach very high standards in...
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    Life in barzah???

    Dear sister ,asalaamualikum,as per my understanding ,definitely the time spent in barzakh is not clearly specified, but it is from the day you die till the day of judgement. but if you have done good deeds then the time spent in barzakh might appear very short to you because you would be in a...
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    Serious Help for A sister

    Asalaamualaikum inshallah as mentioned above I truly agree good company of knowledgeable Muslims can be very good , and remember every Muslim has a small shaytan with him who leaves no stone unturned ,so help urself by turning away the shaitaan despite ramzan n pray to the Almighty Allah to make...
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    8 year old boy hanged in Afghanistan by Taliban

    Well I guess two wrongs don't make a right ,so if non Muslims or Muslims kill innocent people then it is wrong but ofcourse Allah the Almighty is the only one who will judge all our deeds.
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    Are Muslims really not allowed to have Non Muslim Friends ?

    The other day I saw a program in which Dr. Zakir Naik was mentioning that if u do not preach Islam or convey the message of Islam to the disbelievers then u will be questioned on the day of judgement ,I don't know practically can we ever do it but with our good deeds if we can show the...
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    I was once a Muslim. Here is why I'm not now...

    Dear brother,all I can tell u is that Islam is the only true religion and Allah the Almighty is the one and only God. U had got to know n learn this religion u were lucky and fortunate,u turn away from it then u have the hell ready for u on the day of judgement, it's very simple .when u read...
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    What are the Ground Zero protests really about?

    ITS REALLY one way islam has become the fastest growing religion after 9/11 especially in U.S and here there r so many anti muslims protesting .:astag:
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    this video brought tears to my eyes please watch subhanallah

    masha'allah definitely a beautiful example of ALLAH Almighty's mercy on his slaves and we will find many miracles at times in our own lives but we fail to recognise the signs of Allah,MAY ALLAH GRANT US RESPITE ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT AND IN THIS LIFE AMEN
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    What can a women on her menses do during Ramadan?

    I heard that we can also recite the quern without touching the script in fact in Saudi I hav seen women wearing gloves n reading the holy Quran pls clarify.
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    surah al kauthar :) short but truly beautiful :)

    Indeed it's a beautiful sura and it's tafseer is much more interesting if I remember correctly it was revealed when our prophet saw had lost a son .I usually recite this sura whn I feel depressed and sad trying to remember the prophet 's(saw) problems which he faced in his life.definitely our...
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    Agoraphobic !!!

    Have you ever tried any professional help because a pro can perhaps understand your problem and give you proper advice and then inshallah by the grace of the almighty you may overcome your problem n you really need to overcome it it's high time so give your hundred percent n try to I improve...
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    Why do we read Quran, even if we can't understand a Single Arabic word????

    It is a beautiful story I totally agree but dear brothers and sisters if you can try and understand the holy quran read it with translation at least once in your life,I think it would be the best thing u ever did for yourself ,I pray Allah the almighty guides us all amen
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    Please help!

    Salaam sakina,ya it's sad that your mom behaves this way ,don't you have your father' s support either does your mom' s religion teaches her to abuse her own daughter .it's pathetic but dear don't worry ya either try to get independent asap or stay away frm her as much as possible may Allah the...
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    Salam aleykum

    Dear Anela,yes u hav come to the right place here inshallah we r all your friends here and will try our best to support you and share your feelings thru your hard times,don't worry Allah the almighty first tests us before granting us respite better late then never it's very good that by Allah...
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    saying I don't know and get the blessing, in sha Allah

    Salaam,ya it's very true and best rather than arguing or debating pointlessly with incomplete knowledge of anything in fact I prefer to say waallahu aalam Allah knows best then there' s no scope for useless argument.
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    catholic girl scared to convert.

    Dear sister ,asalaamualikum welcome to the one and only true religion is the only thing that can keep us going till the day of akhira,that the day of judgement,this world is a temporary stage and a test for us think ahead and pray sincerely inshallah things will definitely get...
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    Nur-Astana mosque

    Definitely very beautiful and lovely mosques mashallah