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    Question: Accidently plucked a couple of hairs before hajj

    So i am going for Hajj on thursday insh Allah, i am told we shouldn't shave or cut nails once 1st dhul Hijja starts. So i cut my nails etc before that. Now today while sitting in my regular routine and playing with face with hands i usually pick on the small hairs on the beard. So without...
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    Question: Want to know name of the Reciter (youtube vid with timestamp)

    This is the link of the video (if it doesn't automatically goes to the time, you can goto 53:48) Any and all help would be highly appreciated!
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    Islam, on Jinns?

    Okay i was on youtube a few days ago when i came across this video WARNING!!! please don't watch this if you're a kid or feint of heart. First of all i'd like to ask you guys if anywhere in the Quran or Ahadees is it mention that Jinns can...
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    A little bit of a confusing situation..need help!

    Ok so it goes like this. My father has rented someone an office. The people that are in that office currently are some sort of telemarketers. I went there today and found out they're scamming people sort of (more on that later). Is it okay for us to rent them the office? Ok about the scamming...
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    Am i suppose to have 4,294,967,295 notifications?

    :salam2: Well i joined back in 2007 and had been MIA ever since 2008 i think. Well i came back today to ask a question to find out i have 4,294,967,295 notifications. is this suppose to be normal? I don't have that many visitor messages though
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    Asalam o allikum

    just wanted to say :salam2: how are you all doing how's life going etc. :SMILY288:
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    request: Quran roman arabic with translation.

    :salam2: can anyone please give me link or file of the Quran in arabic(romanalized) with trans. i found 1 earlier but it was in .prc format and it only works in pocket pc and cell phones can anyone give me computer version (.exe, .zip, .pdf etc) May ALLAH bless u all!
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    what is your nick name?

    my nick name is RC actually my family calls me by my name Arslan but all my friends call me RC what's ur nick name? :SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149::SMILY149:
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    question about exaggerating

    is it considered as a lie? cuz one of my friends exaggerates in about almost everything. i tell him all the time to stop it and he doesn't.
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    i love these smileys!!!!!!!

    just for fun post nothing to do lolzzz :SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259...
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    do u smoke??

    do u smoke? i don't and won't inshALLAH for the rest of my life. some scholars say that smoking is haraam since it is "self destructing" some scholars say its halaal what is ur opinion i say its haraam
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    where do animals go when they die??

    :salam2: where do animals go when they die?? and will there be animals in paradise? i know in the grave and hell there will be snakes and other scary looking animals but what about paradise? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D...
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    Athiesm and matirialists?

    basically they are same right?!?! *please excuse my spelling mistakes. i m a tad bit bad with spellings lol.
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    Hitting satan with pebbles.

    :salam2: hey u know in Hajj when v r suppose to hit satan with pebbles right. My question about it is that does it litteraly hits satan and hurts or is it just symbolic? :wasalam:
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    Just a reminder.

    :salam2: just wanted to remind everyone one thing. Whereever you hear about prophet Mohammad SAW say "SALA LA HO ILAHI WA ALE HI WASALUM" or "Peace be upon him" Its a must. Prophet SAW said if you hear my name and dont say the "durood(SAW) or (PBUH)" then curse be upon u. i don't know the...
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    Ahadees and Sunnah.

    :salam2: i would like to know are all Sunnah's in Ahadees or some sunnah's not in ahadees? i don't know its too confusing. and what's all this Ahl-e-hadees and ahl-e-sunnah stuff? aren't Sunnah and Ahadees the same? i don't get it. :wasalam:
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    Evolution and darwinism.

    :salam2: Does Quran or Ahadees say anything about it's lies? i mean are there mentions about Evolution? :wasalam:
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    i was watching a speech on peace tv by dr zakir naik about terrorism. He said that all this terrorism is because of the politicians and he also backed this up with logical explainations etc. and i totally agree with him 100%. and since media is just a puppet working under gov't they are the...
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    is this true that by killing lizards we get sawaab? i've heard it somewhere just wanted to confirm. Thank u.
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    cell phones and Mosques!

    :salam2: I went for jum'aa yesterday and people's cell phones are ringing. All the time this happens man. There is a hugh board that says either turn ur cell's off or put them on silent but no one listens. It's like a satan in mosque LOL what u think?