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  1. jabba

    What can we do about the slaughter of Muslims in Palestine and around the world?

    yes go and blow yourself up that will help the Muslim cause (rolls eyes)
  2. jabba

    Does It Obligatery to Provide House or can stay with husband parents?

    It's her right to have her own house unless she agrees to live with your parents
  3. jabba

    Are All Sea Food Halaal??

    Yes all kinds of sea food is Halal, unless it's written in the Quran that it's not halal, which it isn't, please read Quran for confirmation
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    I used to be a daily member of this forum, back in the day when learning and appreciating eachother was a good thing. I left 7 months ago because the things people were saying were steering more and more towards jihad towards every non Muslim. FYI this is not the way to give people dawa. I came...
  5. jabba

    What is your opinion of this?

    :salam2: This site is really pathetic and whats worse it that people fall into this trap thinking this is really Islam. :wasalam:
  6. jabba

    Yesterday I was touched......

    :salam2: :ma: that was very kind of you.
  7. jabba

    Pink Hijab Day!

    :salam2: inshAllah sister remind us closer to October, this is a very nice idea:wasalam:
  8. jabba

    What country are you from?

    :salam2: that was rude esp for a moderator, how can you preach spending better time reading the Quran when you are being so rude. Do you know what people do with their day personlly.....I'm guessing you don't. Allah mentions in the Qur'an: “Indeed Allah is with those who are patient.”...
  9. jabba

    What country are you from?

    :salam2: knowing where another Muslim comes from isn't what's dividing Muslims.....well at least it won't divide me from other Muslims:wasalam:
  10. jabba

    The Awrah of a Muslimah

    :salam2: Here's something I found on tti as well "Aisha reported that Asmaa, the daughter of Abu Bakr, entered into the presence of the Messenger of Allaah wearing thin transparent clothing, So the Messenger of Allaah turned away from her saying : ‘O’ Asmaa, when a women reaches the age of...
  11. jabba

    where do you prefer?

    :salam2: A lot of people who have never lived in a Muslim country want to raise their kids in Muslim countries....but I really think you need to live there on your own before you can make an honest decission about it. When I came here I was warned, this is an Islamic country but there are many...
  12. jabba

    islamic? or cultural?

    :salam2: all the chain smoking that goes on here is completely cultural, the pushing in the markets, and all the garbage that gets thrown on the ground is nasty and not part of Islam :wasalam:
  13. jabba

    A Muslim fasely accusing another Muslim

    :salam2: Thank you jazakAllah Karin!!! This is exactly what I was looking for :wasalam:
  14. jabba

    A Muslim fasely accusing another Muslim

    :salam2: can anyone tell me what the ruling is on a Muslim fasely, and without evidence, accusing another Muslim of something, thanks:wasalam:
  15. jabba

    How Old Were You When You ???

    :salam2: It's been 3.5 years since I've been married, and I'm 23 now mashAllah 19 was a good age for me, but everyones different:wasalam:
  16. jabba

    staying away!!

    :salam2: I think you need more time to get over the rift with your family, of course it's better to make up with them, but if the time isn't right it's not right. Maybe you can try taking things slowly, give them a call once in a while just to see how things are going, inshAllah it will get...
  17. jabba


    :salam2: Wahooo, ask yourself this ( this goes to everyone!!) would the Prophet PBUH react with such a rude attitude.....NO of course not!!!! Be more respectful, and start following the example of our beloved Prophet PBUH. If you choose to boycott Denmark then that's up to you, but the people...
  18. jabba


    :salam2: I won't be boycotting reason being that there are Muslims living in these countries, we will be hurting them as well, which I'm not willing to do. There are other's ways of doing things, I don't think boycotting is one of them.:wasalam:
  19. jabba

    Rejected over culture and reputation

    :salam2: well if he's already chosen his family over you, I'd stay away, I understand this must be very difficult for you but what happens if he changes his mind and you get married and have kids or something and the mom still feels this way, it'll be nothing but problems. And who knows if he...
  20. jabba

    What is the diff between......

    :salam2: huh I'm a convert and I have mosques around me, I can get halal food (i'm talking about in Canada not Syria) mashAllah, I have Muslim family (my husband's family is mine too), I'm not deprived because I wasn't born a Muslim. Any Muslim who moves to a small town will encounter these...