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    Muslim Names Game

    salaam allaikum Ali next I walaikum asslaam
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    How to handle comments about Islam..

    Salaam allaikum Sister my advice is be patient with him. i used to get angry at many times in these kind of situations. but now i am patient when it comes to islam. the recent event was i and the other teacher who is cristian. we both believe in god . and we both agree that he is one. so...
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    Muslim Names Game

    salaam allaikum Din al saleh Next H
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    Muslim Names Game

    :salam2: Dajaal ..:) oops. Darwish Next H :wasalam:
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    Hair Gel

    :salam2: I have a question regarding hair gel. is it permissible for me to appply hair gel or not. the reason i am asking for my wudoo for salaat reason. (iii) Wiping the entire head, including the ears. Jazzakallah khair...
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    im new here!!!

    :wasalam: Welcome to TTI. sister. inshallah you will like it around here. :salam2:
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    Avoid Fault-finding

    :salam2: jazzakallah khair. nice and important info :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Wlcome to TTI. Inshallah you will like it here :wasalam:
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    walaikum assalaam Brother Black magic still exsist and will maybe remain until the judgement day. it is part of the test in this world, to see how people can resist casting this black magic and instead ask Allah for whatever they need. it exsist throughout the world. About the snake story i...
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    Video A man from China accepts Islam

    walaikum asslaam Jazzakallah khair Brother nice video. Allah u akber salaam allaikum
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    assalaam allaikum Jazzakallah khair walaikum aslaam
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    I LOVE YOU ALL! Love to Br Mabsoot, Ibn Azem & Al-Faj'r

    walaikum assalaam Broother Globalpeace I think you shold not leave this site. We need brothers like mabsoot, Globalpeace , islamic fajr, ibn azem . and all the ther brothers i havent mentioned. we need all of you to be here and grow this site. just because someone wants to talk about some...
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    God's forgiveness is limitless

    Salaam allaikum Breother . JazzakAllah khair nice reminder Walaikum assalaam
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    Quotes from the 1st Caliph: Abu Bakr

    walaikum asslaam JazzakAllah khair . good reminder. I like Abu bakr (RA) saying . that whoever worships Muhammed(PBUH), let him know he is dead. But whoever Worships Allah, let him know he is alive and cannot die. Salaam allaikum
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    walaikum asslaam i like this site. its like my homepage.i learn from here quite often Asalaam allaikum
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    Let the Sunnah Go Forth

    asalaam allaikum brother jazzakallah khair. very beneficial post
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    A tear for the Ummah

    asalaam allaikum nice poem. jazzakallah khair. walaikum assalaam
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    Piano Lessons

    :salam2: Brother ibn azem Jazzakallah khair for all references provide here. :wasalam:
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    Piano Lessons

    :salam2: Jazzakallah khair, :wasalam:
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    Piano Lessons

    :wasalam: yes, sister you are right. this is exactly what brothers and sisters here are saying. :salam2: