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    Hair Gel

    :salam2: I have a question regarding hair gel. is it permissible for me to appply hair gel or not. the reason i am asking for my wudoo for salaat reason. (iii) Wiping the entire head, including the ears. Jazzakallah khair...
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    C.S. Mathos Journey to Islam

    :salam2: C.S. Mathos, Ex-Atheist, USA Description: This is the Journey of a 14 year old boy who embraced Islam through I am C.S. Mathos. I was born into a secular family on August 1st, 1992, in Pennsylvania. My mom was once a Christian, and as a kid she went to a Quaker...
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    Urdu speakers

    salaam allaikum urdu speakers here does anyone know where i can get some authentic haddeth urdu Pdfs for print. i need haddeths on avoiding bidah celeberations . anything that can help a brother. who is interested to know about islam. anything that will be beneficial to correct the aqeedah of...
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    Don't Get Angry - It's Makrooh

    :salam2: nice lecture clip for what anger means in islam.
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    Who is the sheikh in this

    salaam allaikum May i know who is the Sheikh in this recitation. i like this recitation very much. JazzakAllah Khaiir for helping.
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    Muslms in china

    salaam allaikum Video about Muslims in china. diEC9evfs2I
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    What the Ancients did for us - Muslims

    salaam allaikum muslims had invented a lot of things before Europe even saw those things. this is just the introduction to some of those inventions. there are a lot of invention done by muslims if you have studied in Muslim Schools then you had learnt about those things...
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    Halal Animal Slaughter - Bilal Philips

    salaam allaikum Halal Animal Slaughter - Bilal Philips
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    Euthanasia, Aliens - Bilal Philips

    Salaam allaikum Euthanasia, Aliens - Bilal Philips a nice lecture on explaingn about Aliens and if there are than waht that can be
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    Interest and Islamic Banking -Billal Philips

    salaam allaikum Interest and Islamic Banking a nice lecture of intorduction to islamic banking and interest problems.
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    Scientific Proofs - Sleep on Stomach

    Salaam Allaikum Scientific Proofs- Allah Hates Us To Sleep on Stomach Allah Hates sleeping on stomach. which is sleeping front body facing downwards. lieK4EzFCWA salaam allaikum
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    Joke of the century

    salaam allaikum there are some strange people living among us and this is one of the example of them. Enjoy and have a good laugh...
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    feeron (Pharohs) Body

    salaam allaikum a video by Sheik yusuf Estes. Whcih shows body of Feeron (Pharaoh) who lived in times on Prophet Musa (Moases) (AS). nZvDPPiMWig
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    John Pilger - Killing the Children Iraq

    salaam allaikum a nice documentry on Iraq. Yes Iraqiis are terrorist.
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    John Pilger - Breaking the silence

    salaam allaikum Nice documentry on war on terror
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    John Pilger - The New rulers of The World

    salaam allaikum In this Documentry John Pilger will aim on the new economic order called global order. which does production from cheap labour or what can be called as SLAVE LABOUR...
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    Day of Judgement - Dr Billal Philips

    salaam allaikum I Found this lecture very informative and very nice to increase my iman. so i will like to share this with you. salaam allaikum :salah:
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    Marriage to Non Muslim - Bilal Philips

    salaam allaikum 7boA3baF2dg
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    Links of software are dead..

    salaam allaikum can anyone tell me why all the links to the noble Quran software are dead. was there something wrong with the translation in this software. i tried searching for it but all the links are dead.. please if anyone can provide a link to the translation Noble quran then it will be...
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    the prophet(PBUH) in the book

    salaam alaikum i saw this video and was very happy to see the forthcomming of the prophet(PBUH) told by Allah through musa(MOASES) (AS) S24z6wl1jZg&watch_response :) :) :) :) :) salaam allikum