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    White Girl

    A one off drama on BBC2 this coming Monday at 9pm about an 11 year old girl who finds comfort and solace in Islam. Possibly the first positive portrayal of our faith on British TV in ages. Ironically it's part of BBC2's White Season :lol:
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    Video Just An Ordinary Everyday British Bloke

    Who embraced Islam. Alhamdul'Illah :D zowtpFe0sGk 4UTI50ajRzk
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    I Haz Cold

    :SMILY23: Please make dua'a I getz bettah soon. Jazakh'Allah Khayrun wa alaykum as salaam *Wonders if Google or Babelfish offers Kitty Pidgin as an option*
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    Your Videos Don't Work For Me

    Because I'm using 64 bit Linux, and flash support for 64 bit Linux is pretty much a no show. Any chance you could get them to work with Gnash?
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    I Met Another Revert Brother

    On Sunday after Isha. Irish guy in his 60s, very smart, been Muslim for over 20 years, never been married. I've think I've seen my future :eek: :(
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    So, I Finally Fessed Up

    To my eldest sister that I'd reverted to Islam. Her reaction? Surprisingly a lot more positive than I'd feared (she said she was pleased for me, masha'Allah (though she didn't say masha'Allah). Then my brother in law came over Friday morning to collect my nephews birthday present and he was...
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    Why Are Some Of Us Coloured?

    As salaamu alaykum Have you noticed how some peoples names are in orange and green in the users online list? Wa salaam
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    Subhan'Allah! :D
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    Why Do More Women Revert Than Men?

    Simple question. Factoring out romantic entanglements (i.e. people who revert because of a boy/girlfriend/fiance/fiancee) what is it about Islam that appeals to women in numbers it has yet to achieve amongst the male population. And on the flipside: What puts men off from reverting in...
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    What This Forum Lacks

    Is a "post your desktop" thread. Here's mine
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    Find Me A Revert Sister To Marry

    I don't want to deal with the politics of marrying into a born Muslimah's family. I know there must be one single revert sister out there. Maybe she got stuck down the back of the settee :lol:
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    Seems to be the new default colour for links on the front page :wasalam:
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    Going To Meet A Sister Tomorrow

    Insha'Allah. If she turns up at the place I was told she'll be. Personally I don't hold out much hope. If I was an attractive young lady revert I'd have been married by now :p Unless I was underage.
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    Is Anyone Else Getting This?

    Two lines of code at the top of the page. Note: At first I thought it was a problem with Konqueror (the browser I normally use), but the same thing happens in Firefox.
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    Well I Never!

    :salam2: According to the 2001 UK census 11.62% of Britain's Muslim population are white (this breaks down to just over 4% for native British, 0.06% for Irish and just under 7.5% for other whites). In contrast blacks make up only 6.88% of the Muslim population (of which the overwhelming...
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    If We Get Given Wives In Jannah

    Then what's the point of going through all the hassle of looking for one on Earth? I think I can cope with 30 more years of celibacy.
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    What Art Forms Are Actually Allowed In Islam?

    Music's out. I'm pretty sure the visual arts are disapproved of fairly strongly. The telling of tales (i.e. writing and publishing fiction; either in books or in other media) is frowned upon. So what's left? Are we allowed to do anything other than work, study the Quran and other Islamic...
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    PMs Not Being Marked As Read By Forum

    I keep getting prompted to open a PM I've already read. Please make it stop.
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    I love cake. And here's a recipe I made one from recently Orange, Carrot and Nut Cake (note: all measurements in imperial/metric. Americans - work it out for yourselves) Ingredients For the sponge batter 100g (4oz) butter 175g (6oz) caster sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp...
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    Coming Out

    :salam2: I told a (non-Muslim) friend of mine about my reversion tonight. He was pleasantly surprised. Alhamdul'Illah :D :wasalam: