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  1. khaira_Qu

    Scammers in salamyou

    Assalamu'alaikum brother in Islam. Do you have book about food base on Rasulullah choice? And could you share the link to download here? Since I cant mention my email. Jazakallah.
  2. khaira_Qu

    Islamic Questions Game - Trivia.

    Assalamu'alaikum, It is for two holly city of muslims locate in Arab (الحر مين) Makkah and Madinah. Next question is what surah and ayat which mention about 'Amut Tamhish in 3rd Hijriah of Ramadhan'?
  3. khaira_Qu

    A Jinn Story

    masha ALLAAH
  4. khaira_Qu

    A Jinn Story

    Is it ur true story of yours sista?
  5. khaira_Qu

    Allahu Akbar! Back to Basics ~ for reverts.

    The Meaning of the Word “Islam” The word “Islam” is the verbal noun of the verb aslama. This verb is defined as, “He resigned or submitted himself.” When used with respect to God, it means, “He became submissive to God.”5 Thus, Islam is about an individual recognizing who his Lord is and...
  6. khaira_Qu

    Brighter than day darker than night ?

    oh I remember now, the answer is MAQABIR ( graveyard ). it can be brighter than day or darker than night depend on our iman when we alive in dunia.
  7. khaira_Qu

    Brighter than day darker than night ?

    the answer is MUSLIM or MASYAR (the land of waiting before hisab after qiyamat). hmmmmm is it correct?