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  1. Astrugglingsoul

    What's going on in Bangladesh?

    As-salamu Alaykum I am from Bangladesh, I lived there for 14 years, so I kinda know what is going on there. What is going on now is total chaos. Jamat e Islami, the political party that supported Pakistan during the 1971 war and committed numerous and countless war crimes is now back in...
  2. Astrugglingsoul

    A possible scientific explanation/ hint on how our body parts will bear witness in day of Judgement

    Jazakallah Khayr brother Abd_Al_Hadi for answering so precisely. Here is the meaning of the ayat as the brother mentioned This Day, We shall seal up their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn. (It is said that one's left thigh...
  3. Astrugglingsoul

    A possible scientific explanation/ hint on how our body parts will bear witness in day of Judgement

    It's been said that in the day of judgement our body parts will testify, for example if you have committed any sin, Allah will give your body parts the ability to speak and they will testify that yes, he committed these sins through me. It was a topic on which science and religion clashed before...
  4. Astrugglingsoul

    A possible scientific explanation/ hint on how our body parts will bear witness in day of Judgement

    As-salamu Alaykum dear brothers and sisters, I hope everyone had an amazing Eid. Couple of days ago my cousin posted an article on Facebook and it says Some scientists from Harvard have successfully stored 700 terabytes of data into a gram of DNA!!! ( its like fitting data that 14,000 50...
  5. Astrugglingsoul

    Why are we so silent?

    :salam2: Brother you will have so many different opionions on this topic, but isn't it true that we Muslims are silent on almost every single issue? Tell me a situation on which the Muslim world acted together and another thing that bothers me is that whenever we see a post or news about...
  6. Astrugglingsoul

    Need help dealing with hardships and family

    :salam2: sister, First of all welcome to TTI ! and as our beloved brothers and sisters mentioned above don't lose hope in Allah subhanatalah. Inshallah he will answer your prayers and ease your pain. Sister you mentioned, you tried to cut yourself and stuff, don't take it lightly. It is a...
  7. Astrugglingsoul

    A Thread dedicated to the Youth

    A very different yet a genius way to look at a common youth problem s-shDW07Uug
  8. Astrugglingsoul

    A Thread dedicated to the Youth

    As-salamu alykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brohters and sisters, I hope everyone is in good health and in the state of strong Iman. As the title says, this thread will be dedicated to the youth. You can post videos, articles or your personal experiences that encourages the youth to be more...
  9. Astrugglingsoul

    My Terrorism Case

    As-salamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is so sad :( May Allah protect you and your family from trouble. Where do you live brother? You should seek help from the local Muslim community and get yourself a good lawyer Inshallah.
  10. Astrugglingsoul

    Quran Musabaqah [Quiz]

    :salam2: 1) Five Surahs. They are- a) surah Al-Fatihah b) surah Al-kahf c) Surah Saba d) surah Fatir e) surah Al-An'am 2) 14? 3)Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Al-Imraan 4)Surah Falaaq and Surah Naas 5)Surah Muhammad 6)Surah Ghafir 7)Surah Al-Hashr 8)Surah Al- Hajj? 9)Surah Al- Fatihah
  11. Astrugglingsoul

    Quran Musabaqah [Quiz]

    :salam2: It is 114, Surah Al Tauba doesn't start with Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem but Surah Al Naml has Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem in its body.
  12. Astrugglingsoul

    Your Muslim Personality Test

    :salam2: I got the exact same result.
  13. Astrugglingsoul

    Liam Neeson hints at converting to Islam

    Hollywood actor Liam Neeson hints at converting to Islam. The Express Tribune Irish actor Liam Neeson has revealed he is considering giving up on his Catholic faith and converting to Islam, The Sun reported on Wednesday. The Hollywood star, 59, having recently filmed in Turkey became...
  14. Astrugglingsoul

    Where does everyone come from?

    :wasalam: haha keno bhai? to me it is and i wish i could visit my country whenever i want.
  15. Astrugglingsoul

    Stop congress from censoring the web sign the petition

    :salam2: I read a funny fact today on facebook. it said, according to SOPA if someone illegally uploads a Michael Jackson's song he will receive 5 year sentence but the doctor who was accused of killing Michael Jackson got only 4 years in prison!!!! wow.
  16. Astrugglingsoul

    Where does everyone come from?

    Assalamu Alaikum Bangladesh!!!! Best country in the world :D :D
  17. Astrugglingsoul

    Salman Rushdie Pulls Out After 'Assassin' Threat.

    :salam2: I don't know why but it seems like India likes to promote ethnic tensions by inviting or giving political asylum to controversial authors. India gave asylum to Taslima Nasrin when she was banished from Bangladesh and now inviting Salman Rushdie, wow.
  18. Astrugglingsoul

    Powerful clip about Day of Judgement

    :salam2: Mashallah great video, the sheikh has a very powerful voice. jazakallah khayr for sharing :)
  19. Astrugglingsoul

    Need suggestion

    :salam2: brothers and sisters i have a very weird question. if a person finds out that the person he used to like a lot before he knew about islam is in MSA or in an Islamic website or whatever. what should he do? should he leave the website or stop going to MSA? the person knows there is no...
  20. Astrugglingsoul

    Kaka is learning about islam

    :salam2: haha i see you watch football. (and he scored the winner today!!!) yeah, i hope he becomes muslim if he isn't yet.