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  1. danyal_1992

    Is it a sahih hadeeth?

    :salam2: "whosoever dies without participating in an expidition(jihad) nor having intention to do so dies on the branch of hipocracy".(sahih muslim) I read on a video on yout tube
  2. danyal_1992

    Hadith Authenticity

    :salam2: can anybody plzzz tell me the authenticity of the following hadiths Narrated by Abdullah Bin Umar(R.A) said "Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said that there will be a man form ahle-habsh with thin calf who will destroy baitullah and will take all the treasures of it and will...
  3. danyal_1992

    Can a female doctor look after a male patient?

    :salam2: Today I went to a lab for blood test.There was a female doctor she was collecting blood.If I let her collect my blood would I be committing a sin at that time? .I wanna know what Islam says about it.Sorry for my weak english. :wasalam:
  4. danyal_1992

    The original Ghuraba

    :salam2: k8FUmxcp8sE :wasalam:
  5. danyal_1992

    How to

    :salam2: If a girls come to and insisted me to talk to her how should i reply?should I reply or not? :wasalam:
  6. danyal_1992

    The Story of Abu Qudama & the Young Boy Part

    :salam2: this is a story which brings tears into my eyes wgyLL3fM-fk 46xwLLe4_C8&feature ePSuGCm_33o&feature :wasalam:
  7. danyal_1992

    The Story of Abu Qudama & the Young Boy

    :salam2: This is a story of a young boy who sacrifice his in the way Allah(swt).It makes me cry. :wasalam:
  8. danyal_1992

    abt witr

    :salam2: today I coudn't wake up for tahajud and i coudn't offer my witr prayer.Can I pray kaza of witr prayer? :wasalam:
  9. danyal_1992

    need nasheed

    :salam2: bro and sis i need nasheed i dont know whose nasheed is this but it runs in the end of the program of peac tv "The Stories Of The Prophets" I know some lyrics "Allah Hu ya Allah Ho Ya Allah Hu" plzz anyone knows where to get this nasheed I love this nasheed plzz send me the...
  10. danyal_1992

    Amazing Quran Recitation by Sheikh Jibreel

    :salam2: 6P3pbXJc-Po :wasalam:
  11. danyal_1992

    plzzzzzzzz help its urgent

    :salam2: is following a maslak is wrong?and if it is then how can I prove this to my friend ? plzz help it is so confusing.I know we have to only follow sahih hadiths but how to prove it to other people that wat they are following is wrong? plzzz help :wasalam:
  12. danyal_1992

    can I touch the Quran?

    :salam2: can I touch the Quran ? while I m not in wudu wat sharia says abt it? :wasalam:
  13. danyal_1992

    Atheist plzzz watch this U will be shocked!!!!

    :salam2: A scientist reverted to islam Mashallah Alhumdulillah 4bXr-Zdo2bA
  14. danyal_1992

    need help

    :salam2: how should I follow authentic hadiths of the Prophet(pbuh)?Which book should I read and practice sunnah of Muhammad(saw) from?
  15. danyal_1992


    :salam2: How to check if the hadith is sahih or not??????????????
  16. danyal_1992

    U may deny it .... But u will be judge

    :salam2: U may deny it but u will be judge a reminder by Khalid Yaseen fzhZB7GW7ec
  17. danyal_1992

    story of a Romanian reverting to Islam

    :salam2: "In time we shall make fully understand Our message [through what they perceive] in the utmost horizons [of the universe] and within themselves, so that it will become clear unto them that this [revelation] is indeed the truth.[still] is it not enough[for them to know] that...
  18. danyal_1992

    Be a stranger Now !!!!

    :salam2: A little very iman increasing lecture by khalid yaseen on Ghuraba IN4lFNbANPY
  19. danyal_1992

    beautiful recitation of the holy Quran by a little hafiz

    :salam2: very beautiful recitation by kid of sorah yaseen f7d37r3iUds
  20. danyal_1992

    Adding videos to a thread

    :salam2: how to add videos form ?