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    pics of assamese dishes

    as salam walaikum some of the pictures of assamese dishes....assam is a state of india located in north east part of india... Elish fish curry
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    Egg less and Sugarless cake :-

    as salam walaikum.. this recipe is basically for the people who have diabetics problem or who donot like egg..others can also try it.. Ingrdients are – i. Semola – 4 Tablespoon ii. Flour – 4 Tablespoon. iii. Refined oil – 8 Tablespoon. iv. Liquid cheese – ½ Teacup. v. Milk – 1½...
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    Jelly Ring cake

    as salam walaikum For a Jelly Ring cake without oil – Ingredients are – (i) Egg – 4 (ii) Flour – 8 Table spoon (iii) Sugar – 8 Table spoon (iv) Jelly – ½ cup (v) Cardamom powder – ½ Tea spoon (vi)...