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    I have not been on this site for a while, but decided to check out the discussion of the migrants that are dying and struggling over the last few weeks in Europe. I have lost sleep over this and am trying to determine what monetary action or other action I should take. Some of my non-muslim...
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    Inheritance question for unmarried women

    to whom does a single childless woman leave her wealth? Assume her parents die before her. She has older brothers. Does she have to leave everything to her brothers? They will be getting the bulk of the parents inheritance. Is she allowed to leave it to anyone she wants?
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    Saudi violently flogging a man in public.

    Friend of Saudi blogger: He isn't in good condition 02:50 Story highlights Saudi activist's flogging delayed on medical grounds, his wife says A friend calls the delay "definitely encouraging" (CNN)A Saudi Arabian rights activist sentenced to prison and 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam will...
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    Change in Saudi Arabia....

    Interesting article. "In Saudi Arabia, a new generation is pushing back against the government’s embrace of fundamentalism. But is the kingdom ready for nonbelievers?"
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    ISIS atrocities - women

    Why can't they leave women and girls alone?!!!!
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    Kidnap of Yazidi women by ISIS Astaghfirullah, what are these so-called "muslims" doing, capturing women against their will and keeping them away from their husbands and fathers? Why are they not releasing them? Are muslim armies around the world...
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    Beating of Sudanese Pregnant Woman

    There is no compulsion in religion. What is happening to the muslim world? Why is this pregnant woman in jail?????
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    Boko Haram and Nigerian Girls

    I have heard so little by muslim scholars and countries about the tyranny committed by Boko Haram in the name of Islam. So many parents of these kidnapped young girls are going crazy. I am sure the alleged marriages are being done on the basis of some type of "marry your slave" rationale. But...
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    Money for Parents

    If parents are elderly, but they have money (through a pension or money in the bank that they saved while the father was working), does the daughter still have to pay for their needs if they can afford it themselves? I don't have a lot of money, but my parents are now at a stage where they need...
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    Taliban and Polio in Pakistan

    Oh no! this is terrible!
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    Duas answered - Arafat dua

    Has anyone had their Arafat dua answered? I'm just wondering because none of mine have ever been answered. I am fasting today and making lots of dua. I would like to hear some success stories.
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    Sisters Women in Islamic families

    Salaams, Why are Muslim families so harsh against women? I find that there is a lack of love, support and understanding when it comes to daughters. I work al day, then come home to cook and clean for my parents. And their response? That my food isn't good enough but they don't want to starve...
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    Marriage as a Sign from Allah

    3] Marriage as a Sign of Allah, and a Means to Him In a series of verses within Surat al-Rum, Allah tells us about His signs in creation– here, specifically about spouses. Marriage is a sign of Allah, as it (1) reminds of the marvel of creation; (2) reminds of the marvel of destiny and how...
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    Dad Sick, mad at me.

    So my father has been sick since the 2nd day of Ramadan. He has shingles - it is on his back, side and stomach. I go to my parents' house every day to help, ask about him, make sure he is comfortable. I also call my mother from work every morning to see how my father is doing, did he sleep...
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    London axe murder

    My Islam does not condone killing another human being. My Islam does not condone hacking someone into pieces in broad daylight. My Islam does not permit someone to say Allahu Akbar after chopping and murdering someone. What is happening to Muslims... Will the Muslim community of London and...
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    Afghani one helps! This is so disappointing. Isn't there a way for Muslims around the world to speak out against this injustice???
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    No Janaza for Boston Bomber!!!

    CAIRO – The funeral of one of the Boston attackers is posing a new challenge for the Muslim community as several mosques are shying away from conducting the service. "I would not be willing to do a funeral for him," Imam Talal Eid of the Islamic Institute of Boston, told Huffington Post. "This...
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    Canadian Terror Plot - trains

    These people are giving muslims a bad reputation. Why can't they just stay in their own country rather than immigrate to the west?
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    Allah's will...or dua for change??

    How do you balance acceptance of Allah's will for you, vs making dua for your circumstances to change? Aren't the two concepts contradictory??