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    What a sad way of naming such wonderfull worship. I hadn't heard of any masjid that would actually do taraweh but not finish the quran. If one goes to certain masjid simply due to the speed at which the imam prays, then I think there is a problem. What I did hear last night in taraweh was...
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    question for single women and marrired ones

    rush to it I always hear the older generation say "don't rush to marriage" and that has always bothered me. why not? I think as long as you are convinced that the other person is a good muslim and capable of supporting himself and a wife [and is not psychologically crazy], Then there is...
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    Why is Birth controlling not Allowed in Islam!!

    Sallaam alaikum, just to add to the sister's point, I personally believe the problem is not population. Its the 20/80 wicked theory where 20% of people control 80% of the resources. If we equally shared the resources with justice regardless of color/race/religion/politics, there would be plenty...
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    Liers on TTI?

    Salaam Alaikum, To say I've been a muslim for so many years is simply arrogance on its own. Iblis was a muslim for ages...he was better then angles in, when someone says that, its from their weakness in deen and a lame attempt to tell you to listen to them eventhough they sound...
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    Bayyat [Allegiance] in Islam

    Jazakallah Khair for the info....
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    Bayyat [Allegiance] in Islam

    Sallam Alaikum brothers and sisters, There is an important concept we have in Islam that unfortunately has disappeared from our daily lives in this day and age. I’m not too familiar about it myself but wanted to initiate a conversation for the sake of bringing it into the spotlight. The...
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    My painful experience

    Salaam Sister, You have so much talent, why don't you try doing something on your own. There are 10 million women in US who own small businesses. They employ over 27 million workers. There is no reason for you to be relying so much on others when you can start your own venture and be your own...
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    Salaam alaikum, I’m by no means a scholar. I’m only responding to tell you what I have heard from others and whatever little I know. By no means should you take this as final word. But inshallah you will get more responses in this thread and hopefully it will become more clearn. in islam...
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    The ruling on plural marriage and the wisdom behind it

    Salaam Alaikum, I think there are some things that we should just leave to Allah subahanahu wa talla because he knows best what would make us happy. Making it to Jannah and being saved from the torment of eternal fire itself is worth more than having a million wives or husbands or...
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    Salaam Alaikum, I think the trust between husband and wife is that which encompasses the other party or the relationship in general in anyway. Thus if there is any matter that can affect the other person then that info can not be withheld. However, a promise to keep something secret is a...
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    Your Legs? I gave you once pleasure when you first started walking as a child? You may not need me because you drive these days? But I'm poor man's bus number 11? :)
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    Quran for MS WORD

    Salam Alaikum, This application is a very good add on to Microsoft Word. You can easily pull surahs/ayats into your MS word doc with translation. -Alfarsi
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    Baby not Standing Yet

    yeah, normally, if the weight is higher then normal, then that can also cause the baby to not stand up untill around 18 to 22 months. but in your case, I think you should try the walker and inshallah that should encourage her to cling onto it and stand up...once she starts standing up, walking...
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    Baby not Standing Yet

    I think your mum may have a point here. She should at least be holding onto a coffee table or something to stand up... How many teeth does she have? Also, how is her weight? is it normal? [i.e. around 20+ lbs?] these two reasons can have an impact on baby's walking. I have two boys who who...
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    Just an fyi, a shaikh once told me that "sooner or later" could be anywhere from 500 to 1000 years of its very serious. but to the original questions my humble thoughts are: 1. No re-incarnation Allah has a plan on earth by which he makes other Muslims as messengers of...
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    Sister, I can't imagine the pain you are suffering from this matter. Be forgiving and look past their mockery. Not to confuse you from the the different messages you are getting, I think if your family is so anti-Islam, don't annoy them further by trying to explain Islam to them. They have a...
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    Do Names change you?

    This is something I recently thought about after observing the personalitities of my two children. Abdurahman is very much compassionate. He really cares about anything and everything. Always helpful and emotionally understanding eventhough he is only 3! He listens and obeys the rules. And...
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    Alhamdulilah, I have three boys under 4. so you can imagine the fun I have :) Having a baby is a life changing experience and its unique to everyone. The only thing common I think is the fact that when you have your first baby, your reason for day to day living changes. Its no longer you and...
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    Raging Hormones!

    Heroic but not warranted. I love you for the sake of Allah and want to advise you that you should take care in situations like this. You could have simply turn up your windows, lock your doors and call 911. Simple as that. Again, its the love I have for you for the sake of Allah that makes me...