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  1. aisha16

    Is "courtship" permissible in our deen?

    Is it permissible for a woman to speak with a man before marriage? Or vice versa? What I mean by talking is getting to know the person before you decide to marry them...(texting, talking on the phone, meeting in person,etc....) Basically is courtship permissible in Islam? Is this something the...
  2. aisha16

    Student and Parent Kissing Prank goes Viral :S

    Minneapolis, MN-US Blindfolded athletes were tricked into kissing their own parents at a pep rally prank, and now the Minnesota high school’s principal is saying sorry. Responding to several complaints after a video of the ‘incest prank’ video went viral on YouTube, Rosemount High School...
  3. aisha16

    Libya to NOW govern under Shariah Law!

    BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — Libya's transitional leader declared his country's liberation on Sunday, three days after the hated dictator Moammar Gadhafi was captured and killed. He called on Libyans to show "patience, honesty and tolerance" and eschew hatred as they embark on rebuilding the country...
  4. aisha16

    Alexander the Great...Dhul Qarnayn????

    Assalamu Allaykum ALL! I was just catching up studying for my World History exam...when the topic of Alexander the Great came up. So I looked him up on Wiki and came across an article titled "Alexander the Great in the Qur'an." My eyes kind of boggled surprised because everyone is told...
  5. aisha16

    First Monotheistic Religion...?

    Assalamu Allaykum ALL :) I'm taking a World History 100 class this semester. My professor is a good teacher and all but he's kind of one of those know it all people...but anyways. He mentions that he believes in HIS OPINION how Judaism and Zoroastrianism are the oldest monotheistic...
  6. aisha16


    GAZA, (PIC)– The Arab Medical Union in Gaza has been campaigning to raise funds to aid famine-stricken Somalians as the country sees the worst drought in sixty years. ‘’The campaign is aimed at showing the physical cohesion between the besieged Gaza and Somalia, and that the Palestinians have...
  7. aisha16

    Muslim/Islam-Hatred all over Yahoo Articles.

    Assalamu Allaykum, Why are people so hateful and mean-spirited? I was just reading a comments section on an article on "Yahoo-News" on Al-shabab child soldiers in Somalia. Which I shouldn't have even done from past experiences. I guess I didn't learn my lesson BUT I did, probably because I...
  8. aisha16


    Assalamu Allaykum ALL! :) CHECK THIS! What Can You Do in 1 Minute? -Make the most of Ramadan insha’Allah! Strive to make the most of each minute If you forget it, you forget the most important thing, the truth. There follows a list of things that can be done in one minute, by the...
  9. aisha16

    Pamphlets in the Streets.....

    Assalamu Allaykum ALL, I wanna share an interesting story.... Today my sisters and I were going to the nearby grocery store to get some snacks (since we're junkfood junkies lol) and while we're headed here see this elderly man and he just happens to have tons of pamphlets in his hands...
  10. aisha16

    The Remains of Lot's People???

    Assalamu Allaykum! I was just reading about the well-known story of Lot (pbuh) and his people...the ones that were gay and all. Everything from Lot's warning to them to stop their indecency, to the Angels visiting him, and then the punishment of raining brimstones on that same town. The book...
  11. aisha16

    A SPeech on Niqab Ban (HELP)

    Saalam, :D I'm taking a Speech class this semester and am planning to do my Persuasive Speech on the niqab ban in France. I'm supposed to convince my audience about something I believe-some policy, law, etc. (can be pro, or anti) In this case anti-niqab ban. I'm kind of stumped on my...
  12. aisha16

    MSA woes..:0

    Assalama Allaykum! :D My college MSA just had a dawah table shindig today. We had a brothers table (Muslim brothers with pamphlets,info) and sisters went well..BUT there were some issues. How do you have a dialogue with people who aren't looking for answers but are trying to give...
  13. aisha16

    What's a good Islamic topic to inform your Speech class on?????

    Assalamu Allaykum, I'm taking a speech class this semester..and the speech we currently have to do is Informative Speech. The importance of the speech is to inform the class on an unknown subject, concept, etc. I'm the only Muslim in my class PERIOD not to mention hijabi as well. I think it...
  14. aisha16

    Baasto/Bariis!!!!!!!!! :P

    Assalamu Allaykum brothers and sisters, JUST CURIOUS.... Do any of you Somali peeps get tired of cooking/eating Baasto and Bariis/Chicken???? AND sougaa/ sukhaar????? It's killing me looool...I'm wondering if there is any more Somali recipes???? I want to create something different for the...
  15. aisha16


    Asslamu Allaykum brothers and sisters, I just wanted to share this amazing poem by brother Ammar AlShukry. It's a common situation that happens within the MSA....great reminder for Valentines Day... oqOI8FU13vE It's a bit hard to hear at some parts because of the passing cars, so...
  16. aisha16

    Patience with Parents (Must-watch video) !!!!

    Assalamu Allaykum brothers and sisters, I just wanted to share this great and beautiful reminder with you before I go to sleep.....Its a touching short video...about respecting your parents... Please watch, wa alaykum assalam.... mNK6h1dfy2o
  17. aisha16

    Amazing Poem by Brother Boonaa Mohammed

    Assalamu Allaykum, Just wanted to share this great poem by Brother Boonaa Mohammed. For those of you who don't know about Brother Boonaa...he's a Canadian- Muslim poet who's very talented. I think he's the best poet out there right now. The poem is called, "Kill Them With Love". It touches on...
  18. aisha16

    "Burn A Koran Day" Pastor Arrested!

    Saalam, The organizer of "Burn A Koran Day" has been arrested on charges of child p*ornography. Sick.
  19. aisha16

    Doesn't this anger you...?

    Saalam, I was browsing the internet and found an article on the Pakistan flooding. I was going through the comments section....which was filled with comments. Most of them were hateful and bigoted towards Muslims and Pakistanis alike. Going on about how they should "give us Osama first" and...
  20. aisha16

    What do you eat for iftar?

    Saalam All! :D Just wondering since I'm bored and hungry...what do YOU usually have for iftar? For me it's Sambuus, Buur, Random P.S. Hope this doesn't make ppl extremly hungry since we're all fasting and whatnot..:D