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    Many too small boxes and MARU

    Asalaamualaykum, To me they r cute in pictures but not in cat person, they smell, shed fur and have other disgusting unclean habits that spread germs eeeewww.
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    : Was Islam spread by sword and imposed?:

    Islam expanded and conquered lands and ruled over them, this did not require the people of that land to convert, they were free to follow their religion. they did pay jizya just as muslims paid zakah.
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    : Was Islam spread by sword and imposed?:

    Asalaamualaykum, The hindus in India, The Copts in Egypt, other Christian in muslim countries belie this arguement. These religions would not have survived to this day if people had been made to conver at sword point. Compare this this to Spain when the christians took over, no muslims from...
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    Advice for truthseekers & converts!

    Asalaamualaykum, Soo true, virtually everyone has now heard about Islam, positive or negative. Wouldnt have happened if the islamophobes werent busy propagating their lies Alhamdulillah some esteemed muslims have stepped up to the plate.
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    World's Youngest Grandmother At Age 23.

    Asalaamualaykum, live long enough and you'll see all manner of peculiar things
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    Fataawaa From the Imaams of Salafiyyah Concerning Rallies and Demonstrations

    Yes Jazakallahu khayran. No one should get me wrong though, i have the greatest respect for the above scholars. :hijabi:
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    Fataawaa From the Imaams of Salafiyyah Concerning Rallies and Demonstrations

    Asaalaamualaykum, With all due respect to these shuyukh (May Allah have mercy on them), sometimes you have to take action to change your situation. Yes there's patience and dua but also you should change the wrong with you actions or words (there's a hadith i cant remembers the exact words)...
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    how do i excel

    :wasalam: warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
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    how do i excel

    Wa'aleykum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Sis, i'm still around but not much time, you know how it is in ramadhaan. Alhamdulillah though sometimes i get just enough time to have a peek but not sign in. How's your saum going sis?
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    No Objection by Mr President of America on build Islamic centers and mosques!

    :salam2: Nonsense, any one can put something together to allege anything, just a matter of cut here and stick it there, who cares about the context. I bet you if i tried i could come up with one on the pope. It is a little odd though, why did he bow to the king of SA? odd.
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    Plz help !!

    Asalaamualaikum, The best thing for you to do right now is to read the Qur'an and its translation as much as you can and Wallahi you'll find this to be a cure. And welcome to TTI Wassalam
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    how do i excel

    :salam2: usf0wtGB3pE p3ZzaM2wv6s _Q9LDXNglCc tjWh-SiYQcg Lud12ixHiHk qK52qybUU5M YdctXLuMWlA
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    Help...Before I fall into sin

    wa'aleykum salaam, DONT BE ALONE. Wallahi sheytan's whispers are the strongest when you're on your own. Also watch youtube videos on death or qiyama.
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    Rifqa Bary

    Wa'aleykum salaam, Having a bit of a rant sis? Save your breath, they'll do what they want (all in vain ofcourse) make sure you do your thing (ibaadah in ramadhan).
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    Metrosexuals and Islam

    Asalaamualaykum, too much time and money in their hands is what they've got. Nonsense
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    Asalaam Alaikum brothers and sisters.

    Wa'aleykum salaam Welcome to TTI
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    10 Good Reasons to Marry a Muslim

    Wa'aleykumsalaam, It sounds like this writer (Farida) is having a subtle dig at muslims.
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    Being Dipped

    Wa'aleykum salaam, Jazakillah sis for reminding us.
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    There are various types of “abandonment” of the Qur’aan

    :salam2: There are various types of “abandonment” of the Qur’aan 1) To abandon listening to it and believing in it. 2) To abandon acting upon it, and ignoring its lawful and prohibited ordinances (halaal and haraam), even if one believes in it and recites it. 3) To abandon judging...
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    US billionaires pledge 50% of their wealth to charity

    :salam2: And pigs will fly