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  1. auss20

    My Son "Sa'ad" call for prayer at our Masjid (Azaan)

    Keep your Du'a for him This is small village from Sri Lanka.
  2. auss20

    Experienced cnc machinist LOOKING FOR JOB OFFER

    Experienced cnc machinist LOOKING FOR JOB OFFER from Sri Lanka Dear colleagues, I am actively looking for job offer and having more than 12 years experience with CNC application as an engineer. Familiar with # MasterCam, Solidwork, Autocad, ArtCam # Controllers: Fanuc and Hass #...
  3. auss20

    need a help

    Assalamu Alaikum brother and sisters.. Is there anybody can give a financial help for studying 11 years student? just 15usd per month This is Asfaa from Sri lanka. If anybody like to do this sadaka, pls contact me, i will give details of that person. Thanks and Jazakallah
  4. auss20

    I need a help!

    Assalamu Alaikum I hope everything is going well. I like to ask your Du'a for me and family. Jazakkalah!!!
  5. auss20

    Article need your help for small speech

    Assalamu Alaikum dear islamic friends. I would like to ask small help via this thread. My son is going nursery who is nearly 5 years. He need to prepare small speech for his concert. Anybody help me to prepare small speech... i am waiting for your comments... Jazakallahu hira with Ramadhan...
  6. auss20

    Please clarify this matter in Bidayah wan Nihayah 11-172

    Bidayah wan Nihayah ibn Kathir //The prejudiced ones claim that Ibn Kathir writes in his Al Bidaya wal Nihaya (11-172) that the Fatimide-Obaidite state, which descends from the Jew, Obaidillah Bin Maimoon Al Kaddah, ruler of Egypt from 357-567 A.H., innovated the celebration of a number of days...
  7. auss20

    Alhamdulillah My Son start to recites Quran "Sura Ihlas",

    Please ask Dua for my son Sa'ad ibnu Asfar quicly learn Quran by heart by the help of Allah. he is just two and half years old.
  8. auss20

    Please pray for me and my family

    Assalaam waalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu dear Islamic brothers and sisters, I lost my job because our company was closed due to economical breakdown few months ago. Presently I'm searching new job, unfortunately still not found it. I feel it's going to be unable to provide happy life...
  9. auss20

    Next Miyanmar might be Sri Lanka???

    Assalamu Alaikum dear brothers and Sisters, for the sake of Allah, sri lankan muslims are okay. but unfortunately within last 6 months, there were attacked by those monk around 15 masjids. Sri Lankan Jamiyyathul Ulama, the main agency for Halal certification in Sri Lanka, had decided to stop...
  10. auss20

    We finished Eid prayer in Sri Lanka

    Ramdhan Eid Prayer at Kahatowita , Sri Lanka. The Ramadhan Eid prayer which was organized by the Kahatowita Jamiu Tawheed Jumma Mosque was grantly celebrated at Kahatowita Al badriya college ground this morning. The Kahatowita is a hamlet in which around 700 families of which majority of...
  11. auss20

    situation is critical Dua for this masjid and Sri Lankan Muslims

    About 2,000 Buddhists, including monks, marched to the mosque and held a demonstration demanding its demolition. :salah: :tti_sister: Dambulla Masjid attacking when friday praying in Sri Lanka
  12. auss20

    Masjid reopened after attacked by Buddist in sri lanka

    by the help of Allah, today jummah masjid was reopened for Luhar prayer. photos update: :salah:
  13. auss20

    jumma masjid was broken today in Sri Lanka by Buddist People

    jumma masjid was broken today in Sri Lanka by Buddist People. just visit
  14. auss20

    Takaballallahu Minna waminkum ,

    All my dear islamic brothers and sisters, have a nice wishes to Eid Ul Alluha festival. Takabballallahu minha vaminkum... visit this link , some photos are attached herewith regarding our eid prayers from my hometown sri lanka.
  15. auss20

    Eid prayer in Kahatowita,Sri Lanka

    Our heart felt wishes, thakabbalallahuminna waminkum, Here we have attached some photos of Eid prayer in our hamlet.
  16. auss20

    really need your Duas for new born muslim to this world

    Again I need your Duaas for my baby because still my son and wife are in Hospital Assalamu Alaikum brother and sisters, My wife was admitted in Hospital for delivery yesterday. For the sake of Allah just i heart a news she was got a baby few momenet ago, still i didnt see my first baby. I...
  17. auss20

    My Grand Father past away today in his 101 years

    "Inna lillahi Wainna elihi Rajiun" My dear islami brothers and sisters, Ask Janna (Pradise) for my Grand father who was passaway (in his 101 years old) early this morning nearly 1.00AM. During his period life he never miss five times prayer, reciting Quran untill last months. "اللَّهُمَّ...
  18. auss20

    Need your help for young brother

    :salam2: dear islamic brothers and sisters, I like to know is there any doner to spend money for Orphan boy for his education, please contact me, i would like to share more detail regarding him for the sake of Allah. Jazakumullah
  19. auss20

    Please ask Du'aa for me

    Assalamu Alaikum Dear islamic brothers and sisters, I am in huge trouble now a days. I would like to request with you, please when your prayers :salah:, just remind me and ask :tti_sister: for me ... I hope your :tti_sister: will help to solve my problem... Thanks and Jazakumullah
  20. auss20

    Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said this 1400 yrs ago!

    :mashallah:Camels will no longer be used as a means of transport; People will ride on saddles that aren't saddles (cars?) The distance on earth will become short; Horses will not be used in wars; Muslims will defeat the Byzantines which will end with the conquest of Constantinople...