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    Walaikum asalam, Welcome to the site sister and Congratulations on your reversion. MashaAllah. May Allah keep our belief firm.Ameen take care sis
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    What can you do in one mintue...Find out

    Asalam walikum, Jazak Allah khair for this very beneficial post, May Allah help us all to increase our Iman.Ameen
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    my experience

    Asalam walikum , Jazak Allah Khair for sharing your experience, it has been a source of inspiration and it reminds us to be on the right path.Your words have truly touched my heart. May Allah SWT provide a halal source of income for you. Ameen.:tti_sister: You will be in my duas...May He...
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    Walikum Asalam wr wb, Welcome to the site dear sister..Hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Asalam Walikum, Welcome to the site sister, Insha Allah you will benefit from this site...hope you enjoy your stay here, May Allah guide you and keep your belief firm. Ameen.:tti_sister: Take care
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    Please make dua

    Asalam walikum brothers and sisters, Hope you all are doing well by the grace of Allah SWT. Just like to request you all again for making dua for my husband and me. As i told you before there have been testing times Insha Allah we are expecting some result which can change many...
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    Best Time for Dua

    Jazak Allah Khair for sharing brother...
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    A Greeting for all using this website...

    Walikum Asalam, Welcome to TTI brother, Ameen to your dua.
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    This is Asad from Lucknow,India

    Asalam Walikum, Welcome to the site brother
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    Im Happy To Join My Bothers'n'Sisters

    Asalam walikum, Welcome to TTI brother
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    Assalaamualaikum to everyone!

    Walikum Asalam, Welcome to the site brother
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    salaam aleykom from romania

    Walikum Asalam, welcome to the family sister :hijabi:, Insha Allah you will enjoy your stay here. take care. Ameen to your dua.
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    Mirajmom in need of dua's

    Asalam walikum sister, May Allah SWT cure her and keep her in good health, Ameen.:tti_sister: She will be in my duas Insha Allah. Take care sister Feeamanillah
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    Wish to know much more on islam

    Asalam walikum sister Anna, Welcome to TTI and Congratulations on your reversion. Alhamdulillah you have been guided to the right path. Insha Allah this site will help you immensly. May Allah SWT help you, guide you and keep yor faith firm. Ameen. Take care sister.
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    Walikum Asalam sister Sayeda, Welcome to the website...
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    selemu aleikum everyone!!

    Walikum Asalam, Welcome to TTI....
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    Walikum Asalam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Welcome to the TTI family brother, Insha Allah you will enjoy your stay here.Its a great site Masha Allah.
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    Wanting to cure my ignorance

    Hello, Peace be upon you and welcome to the site. Hope it is helpful and feel free to ask any questions regarding Islam. Insha Allah (God Willing), He will help you and guide you in your journey to seek the truth.Take care.
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    Request for dua

    Asalam Walikum, Jazak Allah Khair for all your duas and support. Alhamdulillah Allah has made the test easier for us, but its still not please keep praying. May Allah SWT help us all. Ameen.And thank you dear sisters for yor support and encouragement.
  20. nadirah19

    Request for dua

    Asalam walikum borthers and sisters, Hope you all are in good health and Iman, by the grace of Allah. I guess most of you wouldnt know/ remember me as i have been away for quite a while. But Alhamdulillah im back and its great to see so many new members Masha Allah. Im requesting u all to...