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  1. Karima

    Children committing the unspeakable....

    Asalamualikum, You are correct to say this. What I was intending was that people have so much 'freedom' in the world to 'try to get away' with anything. As far as 'man' has been in existence, there have been horrible 'acts' that have happened, that we do not really know...
  2. Karima

    Children committing the unspeakable....

    Asalamualikum, It is called 'FREEDOM'. We have a choice of right and wrong. No matter what has happened, there are many involved who can be to blame for this 'wrong'. Still, none of us can throw rocks. It is a sad situation of proven 'wrong' choice of those who were...
  3. Karima


    Asalamualikum I found this and wanted to share it with all of you. Thanksgiving is the whole life Then do ye remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me and reject not Faith. (Al-Baqarah 2:152) And remember! Your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): "If ye are grateful, I...
  4. Karima

    WAG---Women against Coffee

    Well then, should it be more properly: WACH ...Women Against Coffee Houses? ...not necessarily against coffee?
  5. Karima

    WAG---Women against Coffee

    At least, the discussion is interesting... the way, what does WAG stand for?
  6. Karima

    WAG---Women against Coffee

    Hey when it comes to calorie count, forget coffee.....just give me a great hamburger from 'Backyard Burgers'!
  7. Karima

    WAG---Women against Coffee

    For anyone's information, CC's Coffee stands for Community Coffee. I had no clue, until a friend who works for the company told me this. I could never understand why someone would go out and spend five or more dollars for a simple cup of coffee, which can be brewed at home. I love coffee...
  8. Karima

    NOSTRADOMAS...History Channel

    Asalamualikum, This week, the History Channel has been showing a program about Nostradomas. It mentions many I 'googled' about it from a Muslim perspective. I found something that was enlightening to read. I would like to share this with you. Sallam Nostradamus...
  9. Karima

    Should all U.S. Muslims carry a special ID?

    Asalamualikum, So well said. People, as myself, have had fears of the unknown. This is a possible ignorance in knowing all about what is familiar, and judging what we do not know or are familiar with as a 'threat'. For me, when I am among those who are pious in what Allah...
  10. Karima

    The Christian practice of worshiping Mary

    Asalamualikum, What more needs to be said........ Thank you for posting this...Brother Zak.... Sallam
  11. Karima

    Jesus is in Miami!!

    Asalamualikum, Doesn't Jesus come back as a Muslim? This is what I was told. Sallam
  12. Karima


    Asalamualikum IN Islam, man's entire individual and social life is an exercise in developing and strengthening his relationship with Allah. The starting point of our religion consists of the acceptance of this relationship by man 's intellect and will. Islam means submission to the will of...
  13. Karima


    Asalamualikum, I have really enjoyed the comments about this forum. I do feel that the word, "Moderate", is misleading. However, it has left an open discussion about a very serious lifestyle that we can choose to live or be wishy-washy about. It is nice to read how serious all of you...
  14. Karima


    Asalamualikum, I agree with you about the wording of 'moderate'. This word 'moderate' seems to 'water down' the seriousness of being a serious Muslim. The article was good to read, though. Perhaps, the word 'moderate' meant to be 'not proud', 'straight in the path', not...
  15. Karima


    Asalamualikum, I want to share something worth reading that I read today. Islam: The Middle and Moderate Path By Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi Thus have We made of you a Middle Ummah, that you might be witnesses over the people, and the Messenger a witness over yourselves… ( al-Baqarah...
  16. Karima


    Asalamualikum, Fasting has made me realize how much we do things around 'food'. We have tea or coffee throughout the day with a snack, we easily get a soda or water throughout the day, when we are out shopping, we stop for a sandwich or meal. I had no idea, how much 'unnecessary'...
  17. Karima


    MashaAllah, Thank you for all of this to help put logic into the purpose of Arabic. My grandfather is a decendant of an American Cherokee Chief. Perhaps, there is some reason for me in this. The Arabic language is one that I am studying, and it is a language that is slowly becomming...
  18. Karima


    Asalamualikum, For native speaking English, why would one of another language claim that their language is God's language. Can someone explain the terms mentioned above in true English words? This would define what they mean. Sallam
  19. Karima

    :D it's me again and I need help!

    Asalamualikum, Can you explain this? You mean it is mandatory to eat right on the button when the fast ends comes at sundown? WHY? I sense a 'robot' type of rules that all of the fasting requires. Forgive me for asking. I cannot help but feel this, when the more I learn the more is...
  20. Karima

    mouth wash?

    Asalamualikum, A simple question...only needed this: I was curious, as well. Thank you for the information. Sallam