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  1. tany

    Because I CAN!

    thnx :salam2: :ma: sis.this poem sure has a lot of meaning. :jazaak:
  2. tany

    57 ways of winning your husband’s love

    thnx :salam2: :jazaak::hijabi:
  3. tany

    why and how????

    how???? :salam: how do you change the subtitle bellow the user name??is it due to not having posted more than 40 posts?? please can some one HELP me!!!!!:hijabi:
  4. tany


    :bismillah: :salam2: :astag:i find this very common when it comes to a gathering.every ones talking about what this ones doing, what that one the time the story reaches the one who is talked about the story must have been spiced up a million times. so i thought i would write...
  5. tany

    Nasheed : They have killed me .. (( a story of an addict ))

    thnx :salam2: :jazaak: :hijabi:
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    thnx :salam2: :jazaak::hijabi:
  7. tany

    AWESOME NASHEED!!!!!!!!!!!

    thnx :salam2: very nice nasheed.:ma: :jazaak::hijabi:
  8. tany

    at last some new nice nashids on this site

    thn :salam2: :ma: they are very nice nasheeds :jazaak: for sharing.:hijabi:
  9. tany

    Do you love your mum or dad the best?

    mmmmm............... :salam2: its realy a tough question and it seems most like their mums. to me i love them both equaly. cose they are both hard working,encouraging,helpful............etc parents. i cannot imagine loosing one of them SUBHANALLAH.:SMILY23: i know three boys in my school...
  10. tany

    Barbie And The Muslim Doll

    :salam2: :ma: it's a very true and meaningful poem. :jazaak::hijabi:
  11. tany

    Azaan--Sheikh Mishary Rashid Afasy

    :salam2: thanks for posting. its realy a superb azaan. :ma::hijabi:
  12. tany

    We can not guarantee our next second!

    YA RUB :salam2: :jazaak: for sharing tears poured while watching SUBHANALLAH life's short,days are flyng and we are all getting close to our graves SUBHANALLAH SUBHANALLAH SUBHANALLAH may allah forgive us AMEEN:hijabi:
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    :salam2: :jazaak: for sharing sis :ma: :hijabi:
  14. tany

    With Love from Israel

    YA RUB SUBHANALLAH :tti_sister:
  15. tany

    Top 11 excuses of Muslim Women who don't wear Islamic Hijaab! (and the reasons for hi

    thnx :salam2: thnx sis i kno some sisters that made some of those excuses and i'm gonna make sure they read this. :jazaak: :hijabi:
  16. tany

    More sisters than brothers?

    not far........ at least v sis's arn't tat far behind............:hijabi:
  17. tany


    :salam2: i'm new here.i'm a student,living in saudi mom introduced me to this site.:ma:it is excellent.we can learn so much about islam and the world from this site. :hijabi: