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  1. erica5127

    Islam in America

    you have! just wanted some more insight!! thanks for that though!
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    Islam in America

    Salam, I was just wondering if anyone had any certain veiws on the topic, I have heard some mulsims say there is no room for Islam in America, and no room for America in Islam, I just want to talk rationally about it, I can't help but feel like I am looked at like Im doing something haram for...
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    funny moments with hiijab

    I have a stroy about a friend, A boy at school always asked her about why she dressed modestly and wore hijab, he would say " what if I ripped the scarf off?" she would simply reply "I'd be upset because I wear this for my own protection." the he asked "would your father disown you if you didnt...
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    Taliban Stealing Pakistani Children and Forcing them to Kill and Blow Themselves

    Salam I am a proud American, and I do not think my governement is evil, they take care of us, all of us, not just christians or just jews or just muslims. we are diverse and we except that, the taliban did not take proper care of its perople, and I know when they came through Kabul, it seemed...
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    I hate Facebook Should I stay on it?

    Salam, I see what your saying, I think you should do whats best for you, dont let anyone pressure or persued you, maybe tell the girls you think they look nicer in Hijab, if It makes you upset or uncomfortable, leave it, or remove those girls from your friends. I personally met the person that...
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    Help A brother Win Scholarship! urgent

    I voted, and left a review!! We are a family here, and I'll due what I can to help. (I loved the pic, I would have voted even if you hadnt asked!)
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    Salam, welcome brother!! I just wanted to thank you for your service in our beautiful military and thanks to Allah (swt) that you found Islam!!
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    Taliban Stealing Pakistani Children and Forcing them to Kill and Blow Themselves

    The taliban is giving Islam a horrible name(especially here in America) they do horrible sinful things in the name of Allah, it make me sick. May Allah(swt) punish them for every single innocent life they have taken.
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    Assalamu Alaikum!

    Welcome brother! It's an amazing site, hope you enjoy every bit of it!!
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    Bird of Passage.

    Very nice poem, and I like the quote!!! May Allah bless you brother!
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    Once Upon A Winter’s Night

    Very nice peom!!! thanks for sharing!
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    Welcome brother! I think you will be very pleased with the site!
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    I agree, in America, people don't know the true Islam, they just know what some muslims do, it's a cultural divide, and muslims should stand up and say what they belive in if they want to unite America and Islam. May Allah be with you.
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    Hi to all

    true, the site is very warm and friendly!! Mashallah, the new muslims who post their stories give it such an accepting and open feeling. :)
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    three word story

    was leaving masjid...
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    Mashallah, beautiful way of putting it Hassana, that was something I also needed to hear! thank you for being so honest and so kind to make sure you didn't hurt anyone's feelings, may Allah reward you for your words.
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    Let's get back to Islam

    Very nice! you have soo much talent, and your putting it to wonderful use!!! The poem was very powerful and would deffinatly make a great rap, keep up the good work and keep praise in Allah!!
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    He is marrying a Hindu girl...

    I think that if not for religous reasons, for your own emotional reasons you might want to ignore him, if you are really meant to marry him, Allah will marry you to him, but I just hope you don't let this upset you or get you off track in life. May Allah be with you while working out the problem.
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    I just converted!!!

    mashallah! welocme sister!!:SMILY206:
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    Muslim Names Game