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    I Get The Feeling I am Going To Die!

    salam, sometimes i wish i would just DIE...haha...but other times i dont feel ready....but i think im here, i can at least do something people..things like that
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    salam, well ya nationalism shouldnt be allowed..but these months i think im very nationalist..but then i think that no..islam has to be above all the things including your country..your country can come second,ya sure, but islam MUST always be FIRST..despite im being nationalist...islam is...
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    Share ur experience,How U win when the Satan try to cheat u and lead u to wrong way

    :salam2: mashaAllah..that this making you happy!!!!!!!! well ya i'd like to share some experience...every friday in school, we have this thing called halaqah or gathering..all the students come together in the hall and a teacher/s talk about a lot of students find this boring and...
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    Muslim Name

    salam, ya, most converts change their name to a muslim name..they will usually choose the name they like or the name of someone they feel has some influence or someone that is Maryam the mother of Isa. about the imam part...dont know
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    About smoking

    :salam2: just dropped by to say that that is cool...haha.. :SMILY288: and funny.
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    PERSONALITY: Yvonne Ridley

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    Dozens of Afghan Civilians Massacred By NATO Air Strikes

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    autumn's leaving

    salam, mashaAllah you are all so supporting..thank you. :) i didnt think i would get this much support..what nice Muslims you are!! inshaAllah im coming back! inshaAllah maybe with new user name and no one will know and ya no one needs to know..heehee...because really i've complicated...
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    autumn's leaving

    salam, thank you all...ya ppl make mistakes..but inshaAllah i'll be back..and also i hope you all pray for me for my exams..i really need it..thanks. i wont be using the user name autumn because i got it by a sort of accident anyway..
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    Obama's Vice President: Joe Biden - "I am a Zionist"

    :salam2: am just curious..what language is that and what does it mean??
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    autumn's leaving

    :salam2: just to let you all know that autumn is leaving..that means you wont see autumn on the site..but inshaAllah i might be back.. my posts are embarrasing so have to leave. also those who dislike the things i post, you will be happy that am going..and if anyone's left because of me..i...
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    Dozens of Afghan Civilians Massacred By NATO Air Strikes

    salam, Alhamdulillah am given this chance to apologize to brother GAZIJA and i have to say brother im truly sorry for the manner in which i conveyed my message above. that was very disrespectful of me..and i really didnt mean it to sound as rude as it does sound now.
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    Dozens of Afghan Civilians Massacred By NATO Air Strikes

    :salam2: are they protecting civilians???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! civilians HATE got that???????????? they are not killing their own people...the american forces are the ones killing civilians beacuse you got that?? they are not trained..they shoot anybody..and indeed Afghans...
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    Obama's Vice President: Joe Biden - "I am a Zionist"

    salam, very disgusting..usa is scared of israel...haha..but israel needs the usa to supply them weapons..where's the logic? lol
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    Dozens of Afghan Civilians Massacred By NATO Air Strikes

    salam, thank you brothers...we do need to unite..thats the only way we stand..United we Stand and divided we will dont fall into the trap of the enemies who want us to be divided. support for one another.
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    salam, you can do it and get an amazing grade!! inshaAllah take care
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    Reverting tonight!!

    :salam2: MahsaAllah!! how very beautiful :) may you find all the happiness in Islam..WeLcOmE...
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    Dozens of Afghan Civilians Massacred By NATO Air Strikes

    :salam2: Crazy air strikes launched blindly by the despairing foreign invaders, killed a number of civilians including women and children, on Thursday, in South Afghanistan a region which was most hit by violence, an Afghan official said. "In an air strike lunched by the foreign forces, a...
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    Schoolgirls attacked with acid in Afghanistan by the Taliban

    :salam2: yes why should we be believing things that we cant be very sure of and then accusing them..the western media is all the lies.ok we see school girls are attack...but are we sure that was the target...come on stop saying that taliban dont want education for girls and thats why they are...
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    Can I pray Istikhara for this?

    salam, i think its better you dont think you have sure you'l be fine..and will pray for you..inshaAllah