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    What can you do about that stupid film?

    All praise is for Allah S.W.T and peace and blessings on our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.W.S Unfortunately this stupid movie has received more publicity on account of our violent reaction to it.People who did not know about the existance of this dirty movie became aware and saw it out of...
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    Need advice regarding brother

    Walaik ussalam Sister please advise your dad that your brother should be shown to a phycartist for treatment He is danger not only to his family but also to the community as a whole
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    Tasbeeh Fatima Question

    Jaza k Allah hu khair
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    Tasbeeh Fatima Question

    Thank u brothe Adanshai rfor clarification Will u please also confirm that recitation of Ayat Kursi after each prater ensures a place in Jannah by quoting an authority for that
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    Tasbeeh Fatima Question

    Many people recite this tasbeeh after each prayer except they recite Allah o Akbar 33 times and conclude by reciting La illah ilLl LAH lahoo wahdhoo la shareek a lhoo lakul mulkoo wa lhoo hamdoo wa huwa ala kuli shain Qadeer It is reported that all sins are wiped out I request...
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    The Virtues Of Salaam

    While one is performing ZIKR tasbeeh is he obliged to reply to Salam ?
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    My Innate Curiosity Led Me to the Qur'an

    It was not Haroon Yahya who guided you to Isam but Allah S.W.T .He chose to guide you thry Haroon Yahya May He strenghten your faith Amin
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    Did you know that the Jews have NEVER EVER fought directly?

    i agree with ShyHijabi that you cannot generaliseand condemn the entire jewish race as corrupt There are good and pious people in every nation as among the jews So please do not offend those jews who have renounced the zionist creed and those muslims who have jewish ancestory by condeming the...
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    any truth to this liars statements?

    :astag::astag:I do not want to enter into an arguement but the fact of the matter is that the Wahabi Saudies and their disciples consider every body else as ignorant According to them the majority of the ummah who follow the four mazahib namely the Hanadi ,the Shafie,the Maliki and the Hambli...
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    Question about how to handle islamic newsletters??

    Ialso face the same problem. In order to avoid desecration it is advisable to throw them in flowing water(riveror canal ) I wonder if one can burn them ?
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    any truth to this liars statements?

    BOHTAN Brother seeker of truth has in my opinion committed a sin calling a muslim a liar without proof and that too the great islamic scholar Sh. Hamza Yusuf
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    Answering Shia

    The shia relogion is based on falsehood and concocted stories to malign the pious Caliphs who were not only the companions of the holy Prophet S.A W .A .S during his life and continue to be his companions after death Brother Salauddin and others have numerated authetic Ahadis about their piety...
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    Your opnion

    Before marriage if either of them loved another person they should not have been married in the first place .If either of them falls in love with another person after marriage then it shows the couple was not practicing Islam because it prohibits free mixing and lowering of gaze.
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    Why is pork haram?

    When Allah the all wise and all knowing prohibits something it is good enough for me without going into scientific reasons
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    I was a Jain Hindu. I converted to Islam just yesterday

    May Allah shower peace and blessingson you mkg-india, I am sure you will enjoy watching a video on youtube entitlef " Hindu Poetess praising Islam in right way "It will convice you that you have taken the right decision
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    May Allahs peace be on you Mehi. You said you will watch the video by brother Joshua Evans on youtube how Bible led him to islam I am curious to find your reaction to the video
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    The beautiful story of Young Tamil girl converting to islaam.

    Sister thank Allah for guiding you to the truh .It is Allah s mercy on you
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    Peace be on you Mehi Did you watch the " How the Bible led me to Islam "by brother Joshua Evans which you said you would do so . If so what is your reaction
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    Peace be on you Mehi What is your reaction to the video by Brother Joshua :How the Bible led me to islam ; which you said you will watch it
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    What is the logical and islamic view on intuition?

    My earlier post has no relevance to the subject of intuition and I apologize for causing confusion it is just a stray observation about the karamat of Awlia-Allah I guess nobody can explain intuitions which turn out to be right This could be an act of mercy from AllahS.W.T or just...