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    As salamu ma prezint

    Assalamualaikum fatiha!!! I am very glad you are exploring this website!inshllah you will get all your answers here....if there is something you need,we are all here....! walaykumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!!! awez cluj:salah:
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    As salamu ma prezint

    Assalamualaikum Alexandra!!! Pentru informatie despre QURAN, si alte informatie despre islam, caut in Str-pastorului 17,cluj napoca,acolo este moschee de la cluj. imi pare rau pentru limba mea,(sorry for bad romanian)hope i answered ur question. :salah:awez,cluj
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    As salamu ma prezint

    Welcome Alexandra!!! Subhanallah, Its very happy news for all brother's and sister's of TTI(turn to islam) to know the feelings and interest in islam,inshallah if u need any information there are many sisters and brothers to Guide you.I suggest you to explore many books...
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    As salamu ma prezint

    TTI welcomes you! Assalamualaikum, I am very glad and happy that day by day many romanian people are getting closer to TTI and exploring and getting answers to their questions...Subhannallah:))....just do remember in ur Dua's and Allah bless and Guide everyone here to the best of its...
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    zakaat valid on loaned jewellery?

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!!! I would like to clear a doubt which my sister asked me to clarify with the members of TTI,unfortunately my knowledge lacks this information so i better thought of posting this forum! "Is zakaat valid on the Jewellery Kept in...
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    As salamu ma prezint

    Alhumdullilah!!! BINE AI VENIT!:) Eu sunt foarte fercit sa aud asta!:) Inshallah we are all here to help you in any information about islam!(truth) Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu(Allah's mercy be upon you) mohammed awez, cluj.:salah:
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    As salamu ma prezint

    Alhumdullilah!!!MA BUCUR PENTRU TTI IN LIMBA ROMANA! I feel so happy to see romanian section in the forum turntoislam,i think this is like my dream come true for staying since 4 years in romania,and had so much problems in translating things in romanian as i only knew english.but...
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    Video Jolene: A Southern Baptist Converts to Islam

    Alhumdullilah:)))) very very happy to see this vidoes...i have some baptist friends and fundamentalist...hope they will join the truth soon...ameen:)
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    Article Jermaine Jackson His Journey To Islam

    Alhumdullilah..welcome to truth!! Bismillahi irrahman nirraheem!!!In the name of Allah the most Gracious and Merciful! i feel so touched to hear the story of mr.abdul aziz(ex.jermaine jackson)and i welcome him to the way of truth...and i feel happy that he chose the right path which is the...
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    Video The Life of Cat Stevens and How he Became Muslim.

    assalamulikum!!! jazakallah!!for the video...i was always curious to know about yusuf islam life story..its a great story for sure..:)thanks for sharing with everyone...may Allah bless all!!ameen...:)
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    a female interested in Islam.plz help her

    ASSALMAULIKUM!!! Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem(in the name of Allah the most beneficnet and merciful) Dear, admirer and lover of islam..welcome to the side of truth,honesty,dedicated faith which prophet mohammed(s.a.w)(pbuh)has brought to us....:)..i read ur message and felt...