“What does living life to the fullest” mean?


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Assalaam alaikum,

“What does living life to the fullest” mean?
Does it mean that each person lives his/her life until his/her heart feels satisfied or content or full?
If I feel that my heart will be content only when I have traveled around the world, eating all my favourite foods, buying and decorating a huge house, reading all my favourite authors and a lot more. Then does this mean that I have to find any and every means to fill my heart in order to satisfy it?
My favourite past times may not gratify my neighbors needs who is a promiscuous man and has a long list of so called “female friends”. Unfortunately he has recently found out that he is HIV positive. As he feels content only when his lusts are fulfilled he would never live his life to the full until he continues his loose lifestyle. Would his female friends deem his living life to the full concept as their own idea of living life to the full?

Another colleague of mine has his life up to date with the latest trends in fashion and lifestyles of the rich and famous. He helps out his friends a lot with his money and sometimes his free time. He has pedophilic tendencies, but he considers that it is his type of loving and living life to the full. Would parents of little kids consider his lifestyle agreeable even if they are his friends?
A daughter of one of my neighbors is a drug addict and her parents can never seem to keep her at home or away from drugs. She has dozens of friends who party with her all year around and who thinks her life is hip. Would the families of her friends think that her lifestyle is cool enough for their growing teens?
A man considers his family to be his responsibility and his ultimate aim is to make his kids the most disciplined among his peers and will go to any length to accomplish his goal. Would the teachers who see this mans children with black and blue bruises all over their body consider that the children are living life to the full?
A few houses down the block lives an elderly lady who does her own cooking, cleaning and other household chores, she even finds time to help out her neighbors from time to time. As her only son does not consider that he could live his life’s full potential if he takes her in to live with him she has no choice but to live all alone. As he thinks that to lend her a helping hand in money or kind would cripple his lifestyle he has written her off his life even though she brought him up with hardship in the same house which she considered to be living her life to the full.
A beautiful woman, married with children who works all day at the office. Then she gets back home in the evening and works in the kitchen till midnight in order to fulfill her husbands and her children’s needs. The next morning she wakes up early to catch up her own office work, her kids school work and as if this was not enough, during her break at the office she has to come home in order to drop the kids off at school. Has anyone considered asking her if she is living her life to her full potential as a mother, wife and employee or is she giving up her rights as a woman to her own free time or even a few moments to enjoy her kids without having to keep track of time?
Who sets the standard for living life to the full? The teenager who think their parents are the greatest one day, but an hour later they hate their parents for grounding them? The youth who likes all social systems as long as they are left to their own devices, but when a restriction is placed on them they would rise up against all the systems deeming them unnecessary for their lifestyle? Young women who love to party all night with colleagues. Then be late for work, but as soon as their pay is deducted or a colleague from among their party friends makes a pass at them in the office they object to it and even go as far as bringing down a lawsuit?
Young men who considers cheating business partners out of their share of money normal, but when someone steals something from them they make a big fuss about it?
Older men who considers youngsters to be half baked, or women to be several degrees beneath them and who cannot be even entrusted to look after their own children?
Or an old woman who considers anything that was not practiced by their great grandmothers to be bad for their health and their children’s too?

From among all these various facets of people who do we consider to be living their life to the fullest? And who do we follow in order to live our own life to the fullest?
disclaimer: These were just some random thoughts I had awhile ago regarding disbeleivers in Islamic practices and rules and all the people mentioned are characters (not neccessarily people I know)...

Some things to be thankful for that Allah sent guidelines against living life to one's hearts content but to live life according to Allahs pleasure.

Wa alaikum salaam


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Brothers and sisters, am I talking about something that is rare in society or do you not see this happening in your own communities..

Our own muslims living their lives to the fullest according to the worldly sense??