1000 nameless graves found in Kashmir - Indian Government Atrocities

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Srinagar, March 29 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, a prominent human rights group has said that they had found up to 1,000 unmarked graves in Baramulla district and urged international agencies to help them identify the dead bodies.

Members of the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) fear that their relatives who disappeared following arrests by Indian troops might be buried in those graves. APDP found the graves during a yearlong survey in the region around the town of Uri.

Releasing its survey report “Facts under ground,” the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), a constituent of J&K Coalition of Civil society (JKCCS), said the survey shows the total number of such nameless graves in Boniyar, Uri and Baramulla as 940 or nearly 1,000. A Kashmiri woman, Jana Begum whose three sons are missing in troops custody, released this survey report.

In Zandfaran, six kilometers west to Baramulla, six nameless graves were found. In Fatehgarh, four nameless graves were found while in Kichama around 235 graves of unidentified persons were found, the report said.

The locals were killed in different fake encounters by troops and later labeled them as foreign militants,” the report pointed out.

“These nameless graves contain bodies of those innocent Kashmiri civilians who were subjected to custodial disappearance and were killed by Indian troops dubbing them as foreign militants,” the human rights activist Parvez Imroze told media men in Srinagar, adding disappearance is a crime against humanity.

Human rights organization report said that there are around ten thousand people who were subjected to enforced disappearance by the troops in past 19 years in which about 4,000 have gone missing during the puppet regime of National Conference from 1996-2002.



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there is much more than that.. which is yet to be discovered.
Where are those organizations for human rights?
Or they only work for ppl of USA,UK and Isreal?


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This has been escalating for quite some time now. I wonder if anyone hears the Kashmiri's in the world sometimes. What's worse is, according to a documentary i seen on Kashmir, the 'freedom fighters' over there aren't very nice to the general public either, as the indian army.

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Indian media is more stronger and have potrayed that Kashmiri freedom fighters are killing common Kashmiris even we can find some vedios on the net too claiming the same.

The truth is that the India has been arming the hindus in the jammu region as Village Defence committees, the aim being to provide information about the movement of Freedom fighters to the Indian army and intellegence. The kashmiri freedom fighters sometimes kill these Village defence councils whenever they are found guilty and their aim is only to deter the others to join such committes.
The Kashmiri freedom fighters have stopped attacking the indian army in city from a long time only to ensure that the civilians and common Kashmiri is not caught in the fight, they have moved out from city to remote villages and forests and highways, this shows that they are concerned and dont want common kashmiri. yes sometimes a common kashmiri is killed either because only when it is proved that he is either a indian army informer or he has supplied vital information about the hideouts of these freedom fighters.

India claims them to be common civilians when they are infact on their agency payrolls.

Indian media is a fake and un ethical media ever more worse than fox news and CNN and BBC.


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sometimes a common kashmiri is killed either because only when it is proved that he is either a indian army informer or he has supplied vital information about the hideouts of these freedom fighters.


The indian army forces the common kashmiri to tell the whereabouts of the kashmiri fighters, through tactics such as torture. What are your views on this?


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A quick question.. If the Indian Army is as bad as all comments say about them, then I wonder why would they even bury the bodies in graves? Is it not easier for them to just burn the bodies (as per the Hindu ritual)?

I think this article is an exageration of the situation. There are "n' number of graves in the world without the names of the people. Does that mean the government in all these countries is trying to cover up something.

One more question - As per my limited knowledge, i think there is a hadith that says that no "permanent structure" be built for graves. How come u have these graves with names?

No offense meant to anyone. Just wanted to voice my opinion.

Allah hafiz