Serious 16 children have frozen to death in Syria due to Winter


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As many as 16 children have frozen to death in Syria due to harsh weather conditions that have gripped Syria in its third winter under the shadow of civil war.

Children remain the most vulnerable as lack of power and fuel further aggravates the cold.

Burak Karacaoglu of Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) says nearly 50,000 children are facing death in makeshift tents put up by Syrians near the Turkish border, adding the current flow of aid is not sufficient.

"Syrians are in a very difficult situation," he said Thursday. "Children living in tent cities are battling epidemics."

Eighty percent of the patients in stopgap hospitals run by non-profit Doctors Without Borders are children, sources say.

Karacaoglu says more people flee to border camps every day, exacerbating the humanitarian situation.

Sosen Ahmet, 50, says she is in grave difficulty living with her newborn daughter Hewler, who has suffered a number of illnesses since her birth.

"We cannot return before (Syrian leader) Bashar al-Assad falls. We are at a loss as to what we do and how we live."


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this is a heartbreaking situation and everyone of us should do what we can to hep
mashallah for sister herb who works tirelessly to ease the suffering of others


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Humbly request to all mankind, all positioned people in this world to open there eye, open there heart, open there mind, open there every possible approach to settle this humanitarian issues.

Ya Allah use me to do something, i have already seek my Dua. My brother and sisters are dying pathetically. What will come to my time.



if not bcoz of the bad regime:SMILY230:
killing and destroying their homes this wouldn't be happen.

Thank you for sharing this brother