TurnToIslam 99 Names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH)-Names of Wisdom and virtue

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    99 names of Allah and Muhammad (SAW) is a beautiful android app which has an aim of spread the knowledge of religion among people. This app provides the complete understanding of all names of Allah Almighty and Muhammad (PBUH). This app was created by Quran Reading which is an online Quran tutoring academy.


    Essential Features of this app:

    Ø Appealing graphics:

    Attractive background graphics of this app make it quite attractive and font size make the learning easy for the user.

    Ø Audio Recitation:

    Audio recitation of all beautiful names of Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and in multiple beautiful voices makes this app unique.

    Ø Urdu and English Meaning:

    Urdu and English meaning of each and every noble name of Almighty Lord and Holy Prophet (PBUH) makes the learning easier.

    Ø Customize Setting:

    Customize setting feature makes the app more unique. User does not want to stick only with default program settings but can change the settings according to their own preferences.

    Download this app at free of cost and get this divine knowledge to get the reward in this world and on the Day of Judgment.

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