A Healthy Heart


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Source: "Living Under The Mercy of Allah"

Talha bin ‘Abdulrahman bin ‘Awf was the most generous of Quraish during his time so his wife said to him one day, “I have not seen people more base than your brothers.”

He said, “Why is that?”

She said, “I see that when you become rich, they keep to you, and when you become poor, they leave you!”

He said to her, “By Allah, this is from the generosity of their good conduct! They come to us while we are able to be generous to them and they leave us in the time we’re unable to fulfill their rights”

Al-Mawardi commented on this story:

“Look at how he interpreted, through his generosity, this interpretation until he made their ugly act a good one, and their apparent betrayal, a loyal one.

And by Allah, this indicates that a healthy heart is a comfort in this world and riches in the Hereafter, and a reason to enter Jannah.

{And We will have removed whatever is within their chests of resentment}